Thursday, June 06, 2019

There's Only One You by Heling, Hembrook, and Butcher - Children's Day #1

Today is Children's Day at Bookfoolery! I've got 4 books from publishers and two that I purchased. The reviews will appear every two hours, so buckle up! 

Your knees might feel knobby;
your ears might stick out.
Are you tall? Are you short?
Are you thin? Are you stout?

You might be outgoing, 
or maybe you're meek.
Whatever – you're awesome,
being unique!

There's Only One You is a rhyming book about embracing uniqueness that talks about everything from physical characteristics to personality and how a child handles emotions to special talents and skills. It includes such things as the use of wheelchairs and walkers, hearing aids and glasses, having one friend or a wide circle of friends, speaking with an accent or eating different foods, and shows different types of families a child may belong to.

In vibrant colors children are shown exploring in a field, running in the snow, watching fireworks, reading, dancing, playing with toys, hitting a piƱata, watching a play, eating ethnic food, doing magic, visiting the zoo, stargazing, attending a costume party, and more. I'm frankly amazed at how much territory is covered in this picture book.

Highly recommended - I love books that are about about embracing differences and There's Only One You does a fantastic job of showing diversity of not only skin and hair color and other characteristics but a wide variety of other attributes (having two fathers or mothers) that may set a child apart. I'd recommend There's Only One You to anyone and everyone but it's an especially useful book for young children who feel uncomfortable with the differences between them and the children they play with or see at school and need a little reassurance.

My thanks to Sterling Children's Books for the review copy!

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