Monday, July 19, 2021

Monday Malarkey

Recent arrivals:

  • When We Were Young by Richard Roper - from G. P. Putnam's Sons for review
  • The Merchant and the Rogue by Sarah M. Eden - from Shadow Mountain for tour

When We Were Young by Richard Roper was, I think, the second book I've requested from Shelf Awareness in 2021, although after that request I promptly forgot what I signed up for, since there's no guarantee you'll receive a book you request. I was excited when I saw Richard Roper's name. How Not to Die Alone was a favorite in 2019. 

The Merchant and the Rogue is the third in the "Dread Penny Society" series. I have not read the first book but I loved The Gentleman and the Thief so much that it was actually the offer to tour The Merchant and the Rogue (combined with the usual itch to write) that convinced me it was time to return from my blogging break. 

If you look closely you'll see that When We Were Young is slightly crushed. We have a new mail carrier and damn, she is lazy. The previous mail carrier would walk to the porch and put parcels in a place where they couldn't be easily seen from the street (or I'd meet him at the mailbox if I saw that he was reaching for a parcel, since I can see the street from my desk). The new gal will actually get out of her truck to get some leverage and force parcels into the mailbox, whether they fit or not. Frustrating. The book is not the first thing she's damaged.

Books finished since Tuesday Twaddle:

  • Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

It took me two weeks (including a couple days off when I was too tired or grumpy to read) but wow, I am so happy to have finally read Gone With the Wind. I will try to fit in a review, this week. 

Currently reading:

  • Regretting You by Colleen Hoover

I have bookmarks in at least 2 or 3 other books but I'm just focusing on the one book, right now. 

Posts since Tuesday Twaddle:

Kinda shows what a break is good for. I've managed to post every day since my return. I'm 3 books away from catching up on book reviews but hopefully I'll keep finishing books at a decent pace. I refuse to think of this as a bad reading year. It's off, for sure, but I've read a lot of terrific books and I'm quite content now that I'm used to my current slower pace (although I hope I will eventually return to my normal reading pace). 

In other news:

I didn't think I'd be able to watch Gone With the Wind — which we still own on DVD, thanks to the fact that I'm a packrat — this weekend but Huzzybuns and I were both feeling sluggish, yesterday, so he napped while I watched the first half of the movie and then I fixed some popcorn and did a couple chores before starting the second half. I'm not finished; the movie is 3 hours long, after all. But, Scarlett just gave birth to Bonnie Blue and Rhett is beside himself with joy so I'd say there's no more than a quarter left. 

The only other thing we've watched is Loki and I haven't gotten around to viewing the finale, yet, because Wednesday has been "Loki Night" and Huz was away on business till Friday. I'm typing this early on Sunday because we've been having daily storms and yet another one is potentially headed our way, so maybe I'll have viewed it by the time this posts. Ah, cue the thunder, right as I'm writing about the next storm. 

It has been oppressively humid because of all the rain and our pot gardens are already tapped out, this year, mostly a failure — especially by comparison with last year, since 2020 had the advantage of being surprisingly pleasant for our area and there were two of us at home to weed and pluck and water. I know it sounds strange but we got a lot of enjoyment out of Huz being stuck at home for the pandemic. 

Speaking of which, we're back to masking up in spite of being fully vaccinated as our state is only 33% fully-vaxxed and this week's daily average number of new cases was literally double that of two weeks ago. I had a doctor's appointment at which my doc said they've had cases of Delta breaking through the vaccine but those who are fully vaccinated don't get as sick as those who are unvaccinated, so that's nice to know. 

Oh, and I almost forgot . . . I did give in and place a Book Closeouts order after seeing the third book in the Klawde series was available (my reviews of Klawde, Books 1 and 2, here) and it ended up being a big one because I figured if I'm only going to place a single order the entire year, it ought to be good. I'll share those books when they arrive, of course. There's a good bit of variety. There are 6 Klawde books in the series, now, and I loved the first two so much that I will try to eventually acquire them all. 

Hope everyone is having a happy summer!

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  1. My garden has been hit and miss this year, too. I finally had some good-looking zucchini (last year the spot they were in didn't get enough sun) but now they're rotting on the vine. So much heavy rain, then humidity and heat. Some of my other beds are doing better, but the slugs are a huge problem this year. I guess they like all the wet. I had quit for the most part wearing my mask but now am leery because of the new variants. I sometimes get odd looks from people if nobody else in a store is wearing one, though.

    1. We haven't had a pest problem but between bad weather (similar to yours but we haven't had extreme heat, this year) and that nasty humidity, everything seems to have been tapped out early. Even the tomatoes, which usually go on producing all summer and into the fall, are just done. We had a great early harvest and then most everything keeled over. The plants definitely suffered from neglect. I've been focusing on trying to keep up with weeds in the front gardens and neglected the potted veggies and herbs.

      I had quit wearing my mask completely, too. But, now that the Delta variant is rapidly spreading I'm masking up and I plan to call ahead to make sure everyone's masked at the doctor's offices. If they're letting people get away without masking, I'll stay home. I've only been out one day with my mask and I didn't get any strange looks, although that's happened in the past.


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