Saturday, July 15, 2006

Still reading . . .

I'm in a bit of a post-vacation slump and working on a blog about our trip to Alaska, but should finish The Cruelest Miles very soon. Hopefully, the review will be posted tonight or tomorrow. Then, perhaps I can get back to a normal reading schedule. Fingers and toes are crossed because it's been somewhat bizarre not having the time to read. I haven't gobbled up any fiction in at least two weeks and am really starting to feel a hollow pang from the lack of a great read. You know how that goes if you're a booklover.

Alaska blog can be viewed at:

Happy Reading!


  1. Your new trip blog is great! Looking forward to seeing more of your Alaskan adventure.

  2. Thanks, Nat! I'm having way too much fun with my blogs. At some point, the housework is going to get to the tipping point and I'll be forced to slow down. LOL


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