Friday, October 17, 2008

Bits, pieces, weekend off and a hawk that wants to eat your mousies

A last-minute clarification by the kiddo ("No, Mom, the North State swim meet isn't in Tupelo. It's at the Courthouse in Jackson.") has reassured me that there's no way I can participate in Dewey's annual read-a-thon, this weekend. Sigh. So, I'm going to take the weekend off from blogging and blog reading. I've found that the posting fallout from the read-a-thon can be overwhelming and it's disappointing not to be able to join in. If/when I finish books, I'll go ahead and review them. But, I'm going to avoid blog-hopping (after tonight), till Monday or Tuesday.

Some random bits and pieces . . .

It doesn't matter if you love Palin or can't stand her, this website (found thanks to the Anchorage Daily News' daily newsreader updates) is a great place to waste a few minutes and get a laugh or two. Watch out, though, the deer behind the door is a little horrifying. My favorites are the baby names and the Bridge to Nowhere. Click on them to see what happens.

I have a new photo blog, here, thanks to some fellow bloggers who have also recently signed up at Animus3 (bisha and Les). The other photographers are so awesome that this particular blog site is very inspiring and I'm getting lots of great ideas. It makes me want to go out with the camera and play. Kiddo and I spotted that hawk, at left (and currently posted at the photo blog, but it will change tomorrow) on the way home from swimming, yesterday.

Reading update:

This has been a low-focus week. I've had trouble sitting still long enough to make much progress on anything at all. Some weeks are like that. So . . .

Still reading The Swan House by Elizabeth Musser. It's a thought-provoking look at the 60s, racial prejudice, grief, depression . . . maybe a few too many topics covered in this particular book and a bit too long, but I'm still enjoying it and hope to finish it, this weekend.

Random Passage by Bernice Morgan -- Honestly, one of the most mesmerizing books I've read all year. So, why haven't I read a sentence in 4 days? I'm tired. My attention is flitting around like a dragonfly on speed. And, I want it to last. I'm definitely going to seek out the follow-up book.

Homeland Insecurity by Turchie and Puckett -- Initially, I thought the book was going to be all Conspiracy Theory, but it's neither outlandish nor inflammatory. Instead, the authors provide compelling history in order to explain why the FBI has been weakened by a few power-hungry politicians. So far, I'm enjoying it immensely.

Just Jane by Nancy Moser -- My third Moser book (and then I'll have to move on to her modern, large-cast books), this one a historical biography of Jane Austen. Well. Who wouldn't want to read that? My only complaint, so far, is that the style is exactly the same as that of Mozart's Sister and Washington's Lady. A slightly different perspective would be nice, but that's a minor complaint.

Just walked in (literally . . . I walked it in the door about 30 minutes ago):

Creepers by Joanne Dahme -- thanks to a giveaway at Booking Mama's blog. Can't wait to get to this one; it looks perfect for fall. But, this week has so completely thrown me off-balance that I can't say when I'll get to it.

Hope everyone has a terrific weekend. For those of you involved in the read-a-thon -- have fun! Sending you caffeine wishes and anti-eye-strain dreams.

Bookfool, not whining . . . nope, not me. Not gonna do it.


  1. Anonymous4:14 PM

    I love the photo blog!

  2. Aww, it's too bad you won't be able to do the read-a-thon. But I hope you had a very nice weekend anyway. And yeah, in that case it's a good idea to take a break from blogging and clean the reader once you come back...I can't even imagine what trying to catch up with the read-a-thon posts would be like!

  3. Bermudaonion,

    Thank you! I'm really having way too much fun looking at everyone else's photographs. :)


    Thanks! I hate to miss out, but the swimming is more important -- just two years from now, the kiddo will be in college. I don't want to miss out, while he's around . . . sooo, sweeping out the reader seems like the best bet. Have fun reading! :)

  4. Loooove the photoblog! Love! Y'all have a good time swimmin'!

  5. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Wow, you're right. The deer behind the door is a bit horrifying.

    I tried to read The Swan House and I found the same thing. It felt it dealt with too many issues all at once and was a bit long. I will probably try again sometime soon.

    Have fun and best wishes at the swim meet.

  6. Andi,

    Thank you on both counts! You have a terrific weekend, too!!


    The rest of it's fun, though, isn't it? I'm also quite fond of the globe.

    Oh, good, I'm glad to know you felt the same about The Swan House. The writing is great. But, I think she could have focused a little better and at least 100 pages could be cut out.

    Thanks! Have a great weekend!

  7. Now wait...

    The swim meet is at the courthouse??? Huh? What kind of justice system do y'all have done there?

    Have a great time at the meet. Cheer a little extra hard for the kiddo for me, will ya?


  8. CJ,

    I know it's weird, but "The Courthouse" is the name of a fitness club in Jackson. It's a nice place, although not my favorite pool because it's just a wee bit too dark for the lenses I use, so I spend a lot of time on the deck.

    Thanks! Will do. Hope you have a fantastic weekend, too!

  9. That hawk is absolutely gorgeous. Do you know what kind he is?

    I went to that Palin site earlier and laughed my head off. Then my four-year-old came running to see what was so funny. I still hadn't discovered what all the things did, and we saw the deer get shot at the same time! I was horrified. Luckily my daughter didn't get it and said "Mommy, show me again the deer that turns into a red tree!" Whew! I really didn't want to explain that one.

  10. Nancy
    I hope you have fun at the swim meet. The years do go by fast. I don't believe how old my cousins are getting. Have a great weekend. Enjoy the fall weather. :)

  11. What a great hawk! I miss the two hawks that used to live in our backyard. They were here for a few weeks this year, but they left again :(

    Tell your son good luck at the swim meet! This would definitely be a good weekend for you to skip reading blogs! It's going to be post after post after post. Just hit that "mark all as read" button when you get back home ;)

    By the way, I just finished The Secret Lives of People in Love and I'm in love with it! Looked on Amazon and it seems like he has another book coming out in May! Already on the wishlist, lol.

  12. Jeane,

    Near as I can tell from a search online, he's a young (or "immature") Cooper's Hawk. Isn't he a beauty?

    Oopsy on the daughter walking in right at the moment you found that deer. Yikes. Glad she thought that mess was a tree. So, maybe it's good that she's young. My 16-year-old was as horrified as I was.


    Thank you! Yeah, it's amazing how fast time flies. Isn't the weather awesome? I was invigorated, today. Truly, I belong in the frozen north, but I'll take the 60's, any day. Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Have a blast reading! :)


    Aww, your hawks abandoned you? Maybe they'll show up, again, during nesting season. Fingers crossed.

    Thanks for the luck -- I'll pass it on to kiddo. I already went through and cleared out my Google Reader, just to give myself a running start. I'll mark everything as read on Monday or Tuesday and then start out fresh. Who knows -- I might actually have a better reading weekend if I don't read blog posts. I could use one. :)

    You've read Simon!!!! Wahoo! He has *several* books contracted. Isn't that exciting? I think he is utterly brilliant, but you knew that. We'll just have to chase him down at a signing and stand in line together, next May. What do you think?

    Have fun reading, this weekend!

  13. (red face) could you delete my last comment while I go find a book about birds?
    Meanwhile, I visited the Palin website. LOL!

  14. Anonymous1:41 AM

    and that was cute :)

    it's too bad you won't be able to do the read-a-thon. But I hope you had a very nice weekend anyway with that cute lad :)

  15. Bybee,

    Done. :) Isn't that Palin website fun? I keep going back. Spinning the globe and throwing the dart (and opening those little desk doors) . . . so addictive!


    Thank you. The lad has left and now I need to put on my face and follow. We always have a good time at the swim meets, provided I remember to bring earplugs. I don't handle loud noises well, but I'm fine with getting all splashed to see the action. :)

  16. Yeah, I feel your pain about not getting much reading done lately. I'm hoping things pick up once band season is over. It's wearing me out.

  17. Tammy,

    I know that feeling too well. I'm really glad we don't have band, this year, on top of swim season. The only thing I miss at all is the photo ops. :)

  18. I LOVE the picture of the hawk! He looks menacing yet fascinating. Great job.

  19. I wasn't able to participate in the read-a-thon either. I look forward to many pictures to come!

  20. Bridget,

    Thank you! He does have a rather penetrating gaze, doesn't he? I think he considered me (I'm definitely mousy) but decided I wasn't tasty-looking.


    Oh, good, it's nice to know I'm not the only one missing out. Thank you!

  21. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I'm commenting BEFORE I go look at the photoblog, but I will, I promise! HOpe you had a fun weekend.

  22. Care,

    Apart from one afternoon with a pounding headache, I had an excellent weekend. Thanks, I hope you had a good one, too! :)

  23. Oh, whine away. Sorry to hear about the headache.

  24. Carrie,

    I'm over both -- the whiny fits and the headache. Okay, that's a lie. I'm just a whiner. :)

  25. The deer is horrifying, as well as the rabbit and the penguin -eek! Funny though, liked the bridge and the comments out of the window.

  26. Tara,

    Yeeks! The rabbit and penguin are new. It used to be just the deer that got . . . uh, splattered. I love the bridge, too. The scales of justice are new.


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