Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hey, looky there!

I forgot to do a Wahoo! Wednesday post and I'm only halfway through my review of Just Jane by Nancy Moser, so I had to share this little bit of wahooeyness (wahooiness?). We have fall color!!!! Wahoo! Yes, the grass is still green and this is only a teeny part of the tree, but still . . . cool.


  1. I heart fall. This is a beautiful picture.

  2. Woohoo!! Um, or Wahoo! We are kind of a shade of pea green right now...not very lovely. But I still have the New England colors engrained in my mind. We'll be close to OK this weekend, so hopefully we'll see a little better color up thataway (Lake Texoma).

  3. YAY for fall colors! I love being back east and NEVER tire of the color and SEASON changes ( we were in AZ for 5 yrs!)
    I got the book yesterday - I squealed with delight - Hub rolled his eyes! LOL You know how THAT goes! :-)
    30!!!!!!!!!! Bookmarks?? Will they be christmas presents perhaps? Nice therapy!
    HUGS and Love

  4. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Did you take that picture? It is absolutely gorgeous.

  5. Beautiful picture! We've had colour for a month now, the leaves are all over the ground! I guess that's what happens when you live in Canada!

  6. Nikki,

    Me, too. Thanks. :)


    Pea green? That sounds kind of yucky. We just have color at the tips of a few trees, but I'm happy. I don't think I've ever been to Lake Texoma. Have a great time!


    I can imagine there wasn't a lot of changing of colors in Arizona. LOL Great, thank you for telling me the book arrived! I hope you love it! Sometimes I give away bookmarks, here at the blog. But, Wm. is trying to convince me to sell them and I'm wondering if I could sell a few if I got an Etsy store. It's a thought.


    Yes, I took that. Thank you. :) I was actually trying to hunt down a Cooper's Hawk we saw on our way home from the post office, but I couldn't find him and drove to the park to see if I could find some leaves to photograph. And, then I took a picture of a Coke sign. We can probably call it Bookfool's Playtime.


    Thank you! Yes, I suppose you would get a lot of color and dropping leaves in Canada. We had an unusual drop in temperature, yesterday, and it's still cold and foggy, this morning. Maybe we'll get some more, but I think it's supposed to get back up to the 70's. Cold weather doesn't last long, down here.

  7. Yay for fall colours, even if it's only a little bit. I'm still waiting, rather impatiently, for the leaves to turn here.
    BTW, I like the new header. That was our weather today, rain.. rain.. rain.

  8. Nat,

    We've just got a little bit, but it's enough for me. I hope you get a nice cold snap and some color, soon.

    Thanks, that was our weather yesterday (although it's an older photo). Dreary and rainy. I enjoyed it. :)

  9. Pretty!!! I should get out this week and get some pictures of the leaves around here before we get a storm that dumps them all in the road and rains on them.

  10. Thank you, SuziQ,

    Yes, you definitely should rush right out to snap pics. And, I do believe Pirate Bendy could stand to climb a few trees. Oho, she dares to say what Bendy should do with his time. Keel haul the fool.

  11. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Look at you flaunting your fancy fall colors.

  12. Suzi,

    Which is the good idea? Posing Bendy or keel-hauling moi?


    Yeah, who'da thunk?

  13. Anonymous3:50 PM

    My votes for wahooeyness.

  14. Bwah HA HA!!! Taking PICTURES silly girl ;-)

  15. Suzi,

    Whew! I was a little worried, for a minute there. ;)


    Wahooeyness it is, then. :)

  16. I love fall. The trees are so beautiful. Reds especially.

  17. Jeane,

    I love fall for the colors, but mostly I love it because it ceases to be so freaking hot. :)

  18. *sigh*

    All gone here. Well, mostly. There are still some trees that are strangely green but most are pretty bare. Now I have to rake...


  19. CJ,

    That's the one problem I have with fall. We might as well just park a couple of dump trucks under our two huge oak trees.

    We've got a long way to go. Just the tips of our trees have color. We're still mostly green.

    Have fun raking. :)

  20. I agree "Wahooeyness" looks better with a y.

  21. WAHOOO is right! Anything that looks remotvely fallish here in Texas makes me dance for joy.

  22. Fabulous picture. Great DOF.

  23. Suzi,

    Thank you! Two votes for "wahooeyness"! I'll definitely spell it with a "y", in future posts. Assuming I ever use the word, again.


    Yep, same here. I love fall color and cooool air. It's such a relief after summer, isn't it?


    Why, thank you. :)

  24. OK - so I left Pirate Bendy at home, but I did get out today to take some pictures thanks to your encouragement. They're posted

    On my Occasional Other Stuff Blog

  25. That is a great photo, Nancy! I love the drop of water on the leaf. I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  26. SuziQ,

    I just dashed over. Poor Bendy missed some great sights. Thanks for letting me know you've posted!!

    Hi Wendy,

    Thank you. That was actually the only leaf I saw that had water on it, so you can imagine how I zoned in on it. :) We just returned from Biloxi, MS -- had a great time. Hope you're having a fun weekend, too!


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