Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Coming Soon - Bible Illuminated: The Book: New Testament

Bible Illuminated: The Book: New Testament, is scheduled for release on October 28.

I've gotten a sneak peek inside this book online; and, I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on the actual book. In the promotional material, it's described as not just a Bible but "art". The objective, I gather, is to draw in a new generation -- a generation of people who are used to bright images and (let's face it) often have trouble concentrating on anything with too much text.

I'm a very visual person, so the idea appeals to me. And, the stack of Bibles in my living room attests to the fact that I like to compare and contrast different versions. This particular New Testament uses the Good News Version in "running text with no verses". It's a Bible to look at and read, not to memorize. There are a few photos that really boggled my mind, but I'm going to reserve judgment until I'm able to flip through the actual book. Stay tuned. I'll be back with a full review, when my copy arrives!
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  1. Anonymous10:54 AM

    wow!! sounds awesome :-)

    Hope you like it!! and the wait is worth it :)

  2. Veens,

    Thanks, me too! I'm going to be stalking the mailman, this week. :)

  3. Oh I am visual too. I can't wait to see your review! Growing up my mom read to us from the Picture Bible...basically the Bible in comic book style and I LOVED it. I would read it over and over.

  4. Hmmmm...sounds very interesting, and yet I'm having a difficult time picturing what it will look like inside. I wonder if there will be a big uproar about it by certain groups?

  5. I look forward to hearing about this, maybe a photo or two as well?
    I like your blog. The animal pictures are lovely, very relaxing to look at. I see you're doing the Canadian Book challenge also. Is there a post of what you've read and reviewed so far for it? I like your sense of humour. That "I'm so lame" picture made me laugh and so does "scathingly brilliant remarks". Anyway, great blog. I'll have to come back and read more.

  6. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Whereas I'm Old School. Nothing will replace the King James Version in my opinion. Poetry from a committee.

    You're shorter than a cat? Taller than a tree? Mmmm, bread. :)

  7. Wow, I'm not sure how I feel about this! I guess I have to see the pictures first, but it's so hard for me (being the traditionalist that I am) to steer away from the Written Word. Not that His Word can't get out with pictures. It's sort of like when the church started bringing in screens and videos for "hymns". Boy, I feel more and more like my grandmother did: behind the times. It will be interesting to see this, though, and thanks for the heads up!

    I remember when The Way came out, as the new paraphrased translation, and I was all about that but my grandmother wasn't.

  8. Amanda,

    That sounds like such fun! We had an illustrated kids' Bible that my best friend gave us when I gave birth to my eldest and we really enjoyed that when my boys were small.


    I have a feeling there will be a bit of an uproar, actually. From what I saw -- and I'll tell you more when I get the actual book -- there are some combinations of photos with verses that are really powerful . . . but there are also a few that some folks might consider offensive. I'm really excited to see what it'll be like when I can flip through it.


    Oh, good idea. I may have to snap a spread or two, just to show what the interior is like.

    Thank you for all your nice comments about my blog! Yes, I'm participating in the Canadian book challenge and absolutely loving it. Everything I've read has been terrific. I'm about 1/3 of the way through Random Passage and I'd love to just hole up with it for a day. My post about Eleanor Rigby (which is truly a weird post; I had a blast writing it) is the only full post I've written and I did mention the other two books I'd read, at that point.


  9. Carrie,

    I love the King James Version for its poetic rhythm, but I have a tendency to set out several Bibles in a row when I'm doing a Bible study because sometimes I just don't get King Jimmy's Committee.

    I'm shorter than a tiger stretching on its hind legs, taller than one of those little tiny seedlings that grow everywhere (the kind you mow over) and, sadly, I could squash several loaves lined up side-by-side.


    I think I know you well enough to say you'll hate it. LOL But, I'll have to flip through it to say that for sure. Well, no, you'll probably hate it. I personally adore the King James for memorization because it's just flat beautiful. But, I like comparing several different versions. When the Living Bible came out, I jumped all over that one. We used to actually fight about who got to take that one to church. Funny to look back on.

    I'm not a big fan of the way church has turned into more of a visual production with those screens, either -- or the way news has changed. I will never stop missing good old Walter Cronkite. It'll be really interesting to see if I end up thinking this Bible is completely ridiculous or actually serves a purpose.

  10. Hi Nancy
    I am not finished reading So You Don't Want to go to Church Anymore. I am a little overwhelmed. I did not realize I would have 5 tours M-W this week. So I am trying to get caught up. I am doing the 24 hr. Readathon Saturday. Are you? :)

  11. Brittanie,

    I just realized I'm probably not going to the swim meet, this weekend, so I might be able to do the read-a-thon, after all. I'd forgotten my son's swim meet is in Tupelo. Tupelo has the most horrid bubble around their pool -- hot, small and hideously loud. I'll jog over and tell you at your blog, in case you don't see this.

  12. Anonymous8:04 PM

    I am really looking forward to your thoughts on this book!

  13. Wow, I'm really curious what this will be like! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it.

  14. J. Kaye and Andi,

    I've been told there's another week till it comes off the press, but I should have a post about it just before it releases on the 28th. I'm stalking the mailman. Of course, I do that anyway. Poor guy.

  15. Doesn't this look like an amazing book?! I can't wait to get my copy! The sneak peek file was intriguing, I am anxious to see the read thing. The pictures made such a huge impact on me!

  16. April,

    I think intriguing is a good word choice. I can't wait to see the real thing! :)

  17. Anonymous12:58 PM


    I just picked it up and I think offensive is more the word for it.

  18. Sammy,

    I think there are some photos that are offensive, but I was surprised that I actually liked a few that looked like they didn't fit, in the preview. I can see why it would offend, though.

  19. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I don't think this is appropriate for a Bible, honestly. The Bible is a holy text, and to put it in magazine form and stick a bunch of pictures of celebrities in it is just ridiculous and disrespectful.

  20. Kristin,

    That was my original thought process, but I read up on the success of that particular version in Sweden, where it originated. The idea is to grab an audience that wouldn't normally sit down to look at the Bible and it apparently works (or did in Sweden). The "celebrities" shown in the magazine are pictured merely because of their humanitarian efforts and there is a page explaining that particular set of photos. Angelina Jolie, for example, is shown because she gives a third of her income to charity.


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