Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wahoo! Wednesday - Wahoo! for Cats Day

Today's Wahoo! Wednesday! Yes, a wee bit late in the day, but I have to tell you . . . you're going to laugh at this, but when I decided to make today Wahoo! for Cats Day, I had no earthly idea just how many cat photos I've taken. Wow, was it a chore wading through all those files! But, here you go. Because the book Dewey is showing up everywhere and I've had cats on the brain, some cats to wahoo about:

Wahoo! for cats who stick together like velcro:

Wahoo! for giant cats that sniff poppets and nearly frighten their hoods off:

Wahoo! for decorative window cats:

Wahoo! for friendly stray cats who must say "Hello!":
Wahoo! for dirty cats -- even if they're mine and all that dirt ends up on my carpet:

Wahoo! for the gorgeous, extremely friendly neighborhood cat that I'd really like to swipe:

Wahoo! for vampire kitties who look totally innocent until the leg gets too close to the teeth:

Wahoo! for the childhood kitty who made life so much more bearable and didn't throw up at the sight of that wild bedspread:

Wahoo! for fake cats upon whom you can rely for a consistent pose:
Wahoo! for the best cat, ever -- the little puppy cat that followed me around, napped with me, told me when the bathwater was too hot or too cold and let me carry her around like a baby. I'll never stop missing this one:

Happy Wednesday! Wishing you many furry wahoos, preferably the kind that don't bite.


  1. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Aw. What a lovely tribute to cats everywhere and Sunshine in particular.

  2. Carrie,

    Thank you. It was a chore, but I also had fun looking at all those cat photos. That's one of my favorite shots of Sunshine. Wasn't she lovely?

  3. You have loved a lot of cats! I've loved three in my life (two current occupants of the household) and hope to love many more. My favorite is that first picture. And the one of mr gorgeous neighborhood kitty you'd like to swipe.

  4. Jeane,

    I take photos of cats, anywhere, anytime! LOL Really, I've only had 4 main cats in my life. I make friends with felines very easily, though. That beautiful neighborhood kitty is a sweetheart. We call her "Gray Kitty," since we don't know her name. The two lover cats in the top photo were photographed outside a beach-side church in Hawaii. They were very entertaining.

  5. Very fun, but I absolutely COVET the neighborhood's grey cat. :)

  6. These pictures are beautiful. I hope to be adding a kitty to my household one day if I ever wear the hubs down. It's not my fault he's allergic, right?

  7. Love cats! I ought to get some pictures up of mine...

  8. Lots of great pictures, Nancy. And I didn't realize how much your puppy cat looked like my CC... It's amazing how huge a hole they can leave behind. I still miss the little rat.


  9. I loved your cat photos, I have had 3 cats and lost our last 2 (age 16) close together this summer so we are very sad. We will get 2 more little ones soon, to shred the curtains and cause mayhem. We also, like you, seem to attract all the waifs and strays, and neighbourhood cats that like to visit. We don't know why, they just seem to call round.

  10. Anonymous7:14 AM

    I love the pics, especially the cat in the window.

  11. OMG Bookfool I had childhood wallpaper very similar to that bedspread! How did we make it through our childhoods? LOL
    What gorgeous gorgeous kitties :-) I love your photography

  12. I was particularly close to a siamese cat when I was a young girl. He died in my arms one night and I was devastated. I've never bonded with another cat like that one (my mother had given him to my grandfather shortly before she passed away and I always felt a connection to my mom through that cat--maybe that's weird).

    Love your photos.

  13. Wahoo!
    Volunteering at the humane society, it's going to be hard not to bring home the sad, beat-up looking kitties!

  14. Eva,

    She's a beauty, isn't she? And, also quite a sweet kitty, very talkative and loves to have her belly rubbed. Note that the neighbor's pretty gray cat is also the "laughing kitty" (she was yawning) in my profile photo. :)


    Believe it or not, I'm allergic to cats, too. So was my father. He actually had asthma, so my childhood cats spent a lot of their time outdoors (except when it was really cold), but we still had kitties. Someone must have worn him down. Does that give you hope? :)


    Oh, yes, you must! I love looking at everyone else's cats!


    I had no idea you had a kitty that looked like our Sunshine. Yes, they leave a huge hole. I laughed when you said you "still miss the little rat" because Sunshine had a squeaky voice and I sometimes called her Mouse. Kiddo called her Squeaker. We had a million nicknames for that beast and she answered to all of them! :)

  15. Leah,

    I'm sorry about the two kitties you lost, this summer. I'm sure that was horrible, losing them close together. I desperately wanted to get some kittens when we lost Sunshine, but we still have our Miss Spooky and she's informed us that a little quiet in her old age is welcome. :)

    Our house is a magnet for neighborhood cats and even strays don't seem to fear me, but I think the reason they come to our yard is the lack of a dog. We live in a dog-heavy neighborhood; our yard is a safe haven. Plus, I'm friendly to felines, so they return to chat. LOL


    Thanks! The cat in the window is Mamasita, the store cat that lives in Off-Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi. She's a cute little thing and very friendly.


    You had that pattern on your walls? Goodness, I think I would have succumbed to madness. At the time, though, I recall I really loved my bedspread (and matching red, white and blue beanbag -- which served as my reading chair).

    Thank you!! :)

  16. Rebecca,

    I don't think that's weird at all. And, I do understand not bonding with another. I can't imagine ever finding another cat as companionable as our Sunshine, but I do plan to get another round of kittens when our old girl, Miss Spooky, is no longer with us (hopefully, not right away!).

    Thank you!


    Don't resist - bring 'em all home. You need a nice houseful of furballs to keep you company while you're watching all those videos and reading a million sci-fi books. They help keep you warm in the winter. ;)

  17. Wahoo for Cats!!! I love it. :) your post has made me realize it's been a while since I've posted any Maggie pictures--maybe I'll do that this week since I'm reading a chunkster that will take me a while to finish!

  18. Love all the kitties!!!

  19. This might just be THE CUTEST post ever in the world.

  20. Trish,

    Definitely, go for it! Maggie pictures are always great and since you're busy reading that chunkster . . . might as well entertain us with your feline. :)


    Thank you!


    Thank you! It was a big job, but I had fun looking through all those cat photos. Can you tell?

  21. This definitely is one of the best posts ever :D

    And I'm glad I'm not the only one with the habit of befriend random cats on the street and taking pictures of them :P

  22. I LOVED this post, and so did my furry kitty, who is sitting right next to my keyboard and looking at the pictures.

  23. Laura,

    Thanks to both of you! And please give your fur friend a rub, for me. :)

  24. I totally love these shots! Wahoo! (And the 3 heathens loved it, too!)

  25. Thanks, Tammy!

    You need to post some fresh pics of your little heathens. :)

  26. Aww, so many wonderful cat photos! And poor Sunshine, I miss her too. :)

  27. Thank you times two, Nat! That's so sweet. It's nice to know there are people who remember and miss Sunshine; thanks for saying so. She was such a sweetie. :)

  28. Anonymous4:51 AM

    I love your cat pictures and the bottom ginger one especially. I have a cat like that in temprement who lets me carry her like a baby and sleeps on top of me. She is a black and white moggy called Morgaine and is adorable. She is a terror at times but so cute it's impossible to stay mad at her! I hope you always have happy cat relationships.

  29. Rhinoa,

    Our ginger cat, Sunshine, was annoying as a kitten but she was absolutely determined to be my buddy and she eventually won me over. She was my little angel. I don't know that I'll ever stop missing her. Morgaine sounds lovely. Yep, Sunshine was an occasional terror -- she liked to sneak up on our other cat, Spooky, and sink claws into her belly -- but it was hard to stay angry with her because she was so lovable. Thanks, you too! I love cats. :)

  30. You'll never believe, or at least I didn't, that we are now the proud owners of a new cat. Me! The girl who used to laugh over the copy of "101 Things To Do With A Dead Cat" (I know, don't shoot me) when I was in college.

    My son's girlfriend gave him a kitty, and I'm in love. This creatures is smart, beautiful, and best of all not a snot. She likes to cuddle, she climbs into my lap when I'm reading, she needs no reminding about where her, ahem, box is.

    Okay, I'm enamored. I can now join you in the ranks of feline love. If there is such a thing.

  31. Bellezza!!!!

    I'm so excited for you!! Yes, of course there's such a thing as feline love. LOL Now you know what the rest of the cat-loving world has been raving about, all this time, right? ;) Cats are so much smarter than a lot of people give them credit for -- and perfect reading companions, don't you think? You must post some pictures!!! What's her name?

    How sweet of your son's girlfriend. :)

  32. Anonymous7:59 AM

    wahoo for cats, indeed! fun post.

  33. Oh wow, what terrific pictures. I have to say that I really like the first one - I love their whiskers! And, I know that the last one means a lot to you and my heart goes out to you, but I think you captured her sweetness and gentleness. It's a fabulous picture.

    BTW - Is there really a cat that has a pink nose like the one above the last?

  34. Hi, Joy!

    I hadn't even noticed the way those whiskers stand out in the first picture. Too cute! Thanks for mentioning that.

    Thank you. Sunshine was definitely a sweet and gentle girl. I do miss that little angel and I appreciate your comment that I captured her personality.

    Page up and you'll see that the black-and-white stray that came to say "hello" has a pink nose. My Sunshine's was a pinky-orange. So, I guess the answer is yes! I had to go back and look, though. :)


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