Thursday, July 09, 2009

2 quotes from The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand

Before I put my copy of The Castaways in the "finished books" pile (okay, there's more than one stack . . . I confess), I thought I'd share a couple of quotes that caught my eye:

He went into their bedroom. Which was dangerous, he knew. It was a bad neighborhood where his feelings would likely get mugged. He armed himself with a stiff drink.

Phoebe popped pills, and rather than killing her, they seemed to be keeping her alive. So whereas Addison felt like he wanted to take a steak knife and eviscerate his insides, cut his heart out so it would stop hurting--Tess was dead!--Phoebe was as calm as a houseplant. She wasn't a person so much as a topiary.

It's those witty little moments that keep me reading a Hilderbrand novel. Well, that and the gotta-know-what-happens thing . . .


  1. Lovely pic, suits the mood!
    And nice quotes :) Thank u for sharing.

  2. Now I know I'm going to like this book!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  3. You picked a couple of great quotes. The first one made me laugh when I read it in the book.

  4. Love that quote about the bedroom but I'm still so-so on the book. The whole idea of needing a 'road map' to keep track of who is doing what with whom just doesn't appeal to me.

    Thanks for sharing, however. Your review was terrific and this post has nudge me a step closer to considering it.


  5. Veens,

    Thanks! That's our own Mississippi Gulf Coast, back to its original splendor after Hurricane Katrina wiped off all the buildings. Glad you liked the quotes. :)


    Those are my absolute favorite moments. I hope you love the book!


    Thanks. That one made me chuckle, too. Hilderbrand can be really witty.


    I'm doing the same thing with one of the books I'm currently reading: Through the Fire. There are so many firefighters in his station that I had to write down things like, "Waits, Asian, mustache" to remind myself who's who. It might just be that I have a terrible memory.

  6. Hmmm, I've only read one Hilderbrand, but have glanced longingly at all her recent releases over the past couple of years. The beach scene covers are so tempting. However, these quotes almost made me cringe! Is it just me (suffering from a bit of jet-lag/exhaustion after spending almost 13 hours traveling to Oregon yesterday) or do the metaphors seem a bit silly? I think I need a nap. ;)

  7. Les,

    They're silly, but in a good way, in my humble opinion. Rest up, babe. :)


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