Wednesday, July 29, 2009

June Reads in Review (2009)

Oh, no!! It seems I have fallen behind. It's almost August and I haven't posted my June reads! Also, the polar bear and I are really concerned about global warming, but that's another story. Polar bear borrowed from this site, which appears to have linked up to the global warming bear here.

So . . . because it's almost August and we had storms half the day, power loss most of the rest (meaning I don't have a whole lot of time, here); I give you

A Quickie list of June's reads (links where applicable):

87. Crazy for the Storm (NF/Memoir)- Norman Ollestad

88. Don't Call Me a Crook (NF/Slightly Dubious Memoir) - Bob Moore

89. The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven - Sherman Alexie

90. Nothing But Trouble - Susan May Warren

91. The King's Legacy - Jim Stovall

92. Scared - Tom Davis

93. In the Sanctuary of Outcasts (NF/Memoir) - Neil White

95. Rubber Side Down: The Biker Poet Anthology (Poetry), ed. by Jose (JoeGo) Gouveia

96. The Unit - Ninni Holmqvist

97. The Corinthian - Georgette Heyer

98. Wicked Lovely (YA) - Melissa Marr

99. A Summer Affair - Elin Hilderbrand

Absolute Favorites: Scared by Tom Wilson, Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr (YA Fantasy with the Winter and Summer Fair Folk fighting for dominance and one very fine romance), The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven by Sherman Alexie (interconnected short stories that blew me away). I was also enamored with The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe (historical fiction blended with 1990's magic and mystery), The Corinthian by Georgette Heyer and In the Sanctuary of Outcasts by Neil White.

Really, I liked almost everything I read. The King's Legacy didn't do much for me, though. And, apparently, I'm not really into juicy novels of adultery and angst. I liked A Summer Affair, but I didn't love it.

14 books finished

3976 pages read

We were up till 2:00 am because last night's storm was a humdinger, so I'm off to bed.


Bookfool, who wouldn't mind a sunny, dry day or two


  1. wow! That's a huge PILE :) Glad you could do so much :)

    The polar bear pic is so cool.. and yeah I am also worried about global warming.

  2. You did great (nice variety). BTW: That polar bear photo has made me feel nice & cool--so thanks Lol

  3. You did really good in June! I hope to get The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane from the library soon. It looks like I might have In The Sanctuary of Outcasts soon! :)

    Off to write a review of Austenland.

  4. We had 3 days of sun, but now I am sitting here listening to the rain fall. Stupid weather...

  5. Veens,

    It turned out to be a pretty terrific month -- and would have likely been even better if my son's car hadn't been smushed, but I'm happy. :)

    I believe we have good reason to be worried about global warming, but not as much as the polar bears. Poor guys. They're losing habitat like crazy.


    LOL You know, I always try to post "cooling off" photos in the summer. This year hasn't been so bad for us, although the humidity when it rains in the summer is indescribable. I'm enjoying my air conditioner. Isn't that a great pic? Funny and sad.


    I think you'll love Physick. It's got such a nice blend of history, romance and magic. Outcasts is great because of its uniqueness.

    I'll peek in to see your review of Austenland. Loved that book. I've got her newest one and hope to read it next week.


    Yeah, stupid rain. It's like a steam bath, outdoors, when it rains in the summer, down here. I feel for my kid (who works in it), but another storm is apparently on the way. We had our afternoon storms followed by a late-night storm, yesterday. Now, we're watching the next round head our way. We had a visitor, last night. A tiny little lizard (just an inch long in the body) ran through our hallway and ducked behind some boxes. I figured, "Might as well let him play." This has probably been a hard year for the critters.

  6. Anonymous7:15 PM

    We had a nice cool June followed by triple digit heat this month.

    You had some good reads in June! When should we expect the July wrap up?

  7. This has been a strange summer for us. We had triple-digit heat early on. Usually, around this time we're really suffering. It's humid, but at least the clouds have cooled us off a bit.

    I'll try not to wait till the end of August to do my July wrap-up! Usually, though, I'm really weird about waiting until the first day of the following month to write a wrap-up, minimum. I never, ever write up my reads for a month until after midnight . . . just in case I manage to squeeze in one more.

  8. I have the Deliverance Dane book and Crazy for the Storm. I'm trying to get around to them! It sounds like you'd like to be "Delivered" from the rain and that you're not too "Crazy for the Storm"..(sorry...couldn't resist...*grin...)

  9. Yay--so glad to see that Lone Ranger and Tonto blew you away. I have that on my shelf and just picked up his Ten Indians (is that the name??). I'm really looking forward to both, but short stories sometimes take the back burner for me.

  10. Hey, better late than never! We've been having a lot of storms in MD lately. It stormed every day of our recent camping trip. We're supposed to have more today. UGH

    Diary of an Eccentric

  11. Anna,

    I've camped in storms, before. Yuck, yuck. I feel for you. It's still cloudy, here, but the radar looks pretty clear for us. About time!!! I think we must have had an isolated high-wind cell go through our neighborhood, yesterday. There are limbs down everywhere (and we lost power because one neighbor lost a tree) but once you leave the neighborhood there's nothing -- no limbs, big or small. Wild.

    The radar hints of badness in your direction. Duck and cover!!

  12. Kelly,

    Hahaha! Very punny! I really enjoyed both of those books. You've got some fun reading ahead. :)


    Sherman Alexie's writing is really something; it's an odd combination of bleak, poetic and humorous. I just think he's amazing. The characters in The Lone Ranger and Tonto, etc., are all from the same reservation so the stories are interconnected. It's closer to a novel experience. I don't know the other book you referred to, but I know I've seen it -- just don't remember the title.

  13. Nancy
    I am so sick of rain. I need sunshine. lol
    I love reading your monthly reads posts. :)

  14. Brittanie,

    I know the feeling. We've got huge mushrooms in our yard, now, and I noticed that when I was standing outside the bird sounds were seriously no different than what I heard in the freaking jungle in Costa Rica. They've probably decided, "What the heck. Looks like rainforest. Feels like rainforest." We're supposed to have a sunny day on Monday!!! Maybe it will break for a while.

    Thank you. :)

  15. That polar bear picture makes me want to cry. I saw a video that showed how a polar bear was starving because it could not walk across the ice- it was so frightening to think how drastically our planet is changing- and people still deny it!

  16. Excellent month of reading, Miz Bookie! And now look. It's already August 1st and I've yet to post my June or July reads. Ack!!!

    Oh, this weather! I just can't get over what an odd summer we're having. Our electric and water bills will be record lows this summer. I've hardly had to water the lawn and the a/c is rarely ever on. It was 57 yesterday morning when I left for work. Unheard of in late July! It's almost 10 am and only 63. It felt like spring this morning as we walked Annie and almost like autumn last night when we were outside. Had a lovely thunderstorm in the middle of the night, so everything looks fresh and clean.

    Enough rambling about weather. :) Happy weekend to you!

  17. Jeane,

    I know. It's horrible how quickly the polar bears are losing their climate. I'm utterly baffled that there are so many people who not only don't believe in global warming but who vehemently, loudly preach that it's all a crock. There is tons of photographic and scientific evidence. What more do they need?


    Thank you! Oh, good, I'm not the only one. That's always nice to know. :) I'm having tremendously painful neck spasms, today, so my plan to immediately write up my July reads went out the window. I can't sit here for long.

    I'm moving to Nebraska. Goodness. I love weather like that! Our electricity bill was over $300, last month. It's either been intensely hot and dry or very warm and muggy, so the A/C has been running like crazy all summer. If we give it a break, the house starts to feel damp. Blecch. Enjoy your cool weather!

  18. I just reviewed Wicked Lovely; it was shiny. Good book for my very first review. Not sure what to read, next, but I'll have to look for that Offworld.

  19. Twinkletoes,

    You must be a fan of Firefly, yes? I'll have to hop over and read your review. Welcome to the blog world!


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