Friday, July 10, 2009

Ransome's Honor by Kaye Dacus (DNF)

Ransome's Honor by Kaye Dacus
Copyright 2009
Harvest House Publishers - Historical Fiction/Romance

I feel bad about setting this book aside because the plot sounds so intriguing but I managed only a handful of pages. At that point, I realized that Ransome's Honor is the victim of bad timing. I've recently read two Georgette Heyer novels and I'm simply not in the mood for swishing skirts, delicate Regency manners, lords and ladies and romance. The storyline sounds so good, though! I know I'll want to read it, eventually.

From the cover:

When Julia Witherington doesn't receive the proposal for marriage she expects from William Ransome, she determines to never forgive him. They go their separate ways--she returns to her family's Caribbean plantation and he returns to the Royal Navy.

Now, twelve years later, Julia is about to receive a substantial inheritance, including her beloved plantation. When unscrupulous relatives try to gain the inheritance by forcing her into a marriage, she turns to the only eligible man to whom her father, Admiral Sir Edward Witherington, will not object--his most trusted captain and the man who broke her heat, William Ransome. Julia offers William her thirty-thousand-pound dowry to feign marriage for one year, but then something she could never have imagined happens: she starts to fall in love with him again.

Can two people overcome their hurt, reconcile their conflicting desires and find a way to be happy together? Duty and honor, faith and love are intertwined in this intriguing tale from the Regency era.

Doesn't that sound great? Ransome's Honor is the first book in a trilogy.


  1. Well, it's good to recognize that this is one to set aside until you're in the right mood for it.

  2. This sounds interesting. Hopefully you'll be able to pick it up again soon!

  3. I really liked this one. But, you're right, timing is everything.

  4. Jeane,

    It's getting easier to tell whether a book is worth a second attempt, I think, the older I get. I'm kind of infatuated with Regency romance, at the moment, so that's . . . a sign. LOL


    Doesn't it sound fun? I love stories where two people are uncomfortably thrown together and have to work things out.


    I wondered if you were reading this one. I'll have to peek at your review. I'm enjoying Regency romances, but naturally didn't realize I'd need a break from them, at this point, when I signed up to tour.

  5. it does sound good! But I can understand waiting.

  6. Jessica,

    Doesn't it sound fun? I'm kind of mad at my brain for refusing to read it, but I know I'll get back to Ransome's Honor.

  7. I'm sensing that they'll get past it.

    It does sound like a good book but maybe not right after Georgette Heyer.

  8. Carrie,

    I thought about that, too. After Georgette . . . well, I'd already declared that I wasn't in the mood for more Georgette Heyer books, even though they're massively entertaining and darn near perfect. But, to stay in the time period and go to a different author -- it would be hard not to judge harshly. I didn't get far enough to make any judgment at all, though. I just couldn't fathom reading more of that time period, at the moment.

  9. I have not read this book yet either. I have had a big week at work. I start my third new job with the company Monday. This week I trained my replacement and trained for my new job. So I have not read hardly anything for the month of July.Plus with new hours I wont be getting home til 5:40 ish. I am in a wedding tomorrow so it might be a little longer. :)
    I have a ton of great books waiting on me. Who needs sleep?

  10. It is a good one! Worth waiting for!

  11. Brittanie,

    Sounds like you're a busy, busy girl. Actually, after two nights with no sleep and the resulting migraine, I'm thinking I know at least one person who needs sleep. LOL I hope you have fun at the wedding. You and I can catch up on reading this one, later. :)


    That's great to know, thanks!!!


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