Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our thanks to God that this wasn't worse

We just returned from picking our son up from the accident that crunched his beloved Honda. The other driver said her brakes went out; she had a red light and kiddo had a green. Our car was 20 years old and ran like a dream. We probably won't get much insurance for it and that sucks because it was such a great car, but at this point all we care is that he's okay. After a direct hit to the driver's side, our son walked away with cuts to his hands and foot and a sore side. He's truly heartbroken about the car. It was such a reliable vehicle and he absolutely loved driving it. But, he's okay.

Thank you, God, for watching over my son today. Love, Bookfool.

Bye-bye, little Honda. You served us well.


  1. What Bookfool said, Big Guy!

    So glad kiddo's safe and healthy. Sorry about the beloved car, but again, it could have been worse. Just looking at that pic gives me the shivers.

    Hugs on the craziness and thanks again to God for the health of your son.

  2. Yikes! I will echo your remark, thank you God, for watching over Bookfool's son. I hope he feels better soon. xoxo

  3. Oh, my goodness. Yes, thanks to God that your boy was safe. That's so cute that his heart breaks for the car. And what a good ad for Honda.

    Here's to guardian angels everywhere.

  4. Oh my goodness! I'm glad everyone was okay though! Truly a lucky day.

  5. Glad to hear he's okay...scary stuff!

    That reliable car kept him safe too, so lets cheer for that 20 yr old car!

  6. I am sooooo glad that he is okay.

  7. That could have been so much worse! I'm glad it's just the car.

  8. That damage looks almost identical to an accident I had 10 years ago. Glad your son is doing well. Sorry about the car.

  9. Colleen, Gentle Reader, Cupcake, Tink, Brooke, Kalea, Lisa and Mari,

    Thank you all!! Yes, definitely a good ad for Honda!! That side panel held up remarkably well for a direct impact. Kiddo says the adrenaline has worn off and he's starting to really feel the pain in his side and head, but he's grinning. We're all so very grateful that he's okay. Oh, look, I'm getting all bubbly and sniffly. Thanks, again!!!

  10. That's so scary! It's wonderful to know he's fine. I think his guardian angel was watching over him.

  11. Kathy,

    Thanks. We're so relieved that he's okay. Note that there was no glass left at all in the driver's side window, but he just had minor cuts. It certainly was scary to look at! His guardian angel was definitely watching over him. I told Kiddo I pray him to work and back, all the time. He replied, "I always pray, too!" Fortunately, there's also the fact that Honda apparently builds (or built) sturdy cars. Wahoo for Honda!

  12. Thank the Lord indeed! I am so relieved he is okay. How scary!

  13. Heather,

    Thanks. We're counting our blessings, here. He's got a little knot on his head but he still is smiling and feeling decent so we're all happy. :)

  14. I'm glad for you that your son is okay. God is good.

  15. Carrie,

    Thanks. Absolutely. Go, God!

  16. How scary! So glad to hear your son is ok!

  17. Scary SCary!!! So glad Will is ok!!!!!!

  18. Thank God is right! That's so scary. I'm so glad to hear that he's ok. Just sorry to hear about the car :(

  19. Iliana,

    Thanks! Me, too! The more I look at that picture, the more amazed I am that he has no broken bones.


    Thank you! Yes, so scary! I guess it didn't sink in, at the time, but I'm just so, so glad he's okay -- amazing given such a direct hit, isn't it?


    Thank you! Yes, thanks to God. HUGE thanks to God. I'm sad about the car (not as sad as Kiddo -- he can hardly bear to think about it) but he's more important than a car. We're so blessed that he wasn't hurt badly. Not even a broken bone, in spite of that big crunch!!

  20. Yikes, your boy is gonna be SORE tomorrow! Let's give a big hurray for Honda, and a big ?? for folks who don't maintain their brakes. A good reason to us all to check those puppies out occasionally, especially when they make those squealing sounds. My kid actually mentioned his brakes had been squealing, but then they stopped so he figured they were okay. "Really?" I said, "D'you figure they just magically cured themselves?"

    I'm so glad your kiddo is okay, must have been a very scary day for him, give him my best and a handful of Advil!!

  21. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Wow - that could have been much worse for your son. He definitely had a guardian angel on his shoulder. Cars can be replaced - kids can't.

  22. Wow! You're right -- it could have been so much worse! So glad everyone is O.K.

  23. I'm so glad your son is alright! How terrifying! Our worst nightmare! So sorry about the Honda, but it served him well, especially at that moment of need. Hugs to all of you!

  24. Kelly,

    I thought about that -- maintaining the brakes is just routine. What was she thinking? But, I think the mom was a single mom and I found out the teenager was driving. Maybe she's newly divorced and didn't know how to get brakes checked -- who knows. And, yeah, wahoo for Honda!

    Thanks. Kiddo is doing okay. He's already sore and a little bump has grown on his head. Tomorrow could be interesting. We went to the pool (he's a lifeguard) and let him swim a bit to calm down. His boss took one look at him and said, "I'm giving him tomorrow off, too." Yeah, it did show a little that he was upset. LOL


    Exactly. I hate it that we lost that car, but we actually have a back-up (I bought my mother's car from her estate "just in case", last year, thinking that Kiddo's car is so old, you never know). Our son is, of course, much more important than a car, so we're counting our blessings.


    We are truly blessed. Every time I look at that photo, I'm just amazed he got away with only a few little cuts and a bump on the head. That side window completely shattered and he didn't get a single scratch on his handsome face. Thank you!


    Thank you! That Honda sure did hold up well, didn't it? For that kind of impact . . . I'm impressed and very, very grateful that it had a nice, strong side panel. Thanks for the hugs. :)

  25. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Oh my! Thank you God! That looks awful, but glad he's ok!

  26. Kristina,

    Thanks. And, thanks for sending up the extra thanks to the Big Guy! We're very grateful that he's okay!!

  27. I am so glad your son is okay, Nancy. How frightening! And then to see the damage . . .

  28. Wendy,

    Thanks. :) Yes, that sight was rather bracing. I went down there in case Kiddo needed a mama hug, and took the camera in case we needed pics for insurance. The officer, though, said there was "absolutely no doubt" that the other driver was responsible. So, I guess they're just a reminder of how blessed we are to have our son.

  29. Yikes!I had a Honda I loved in High School too. I am so happy he is okay. Even though the wreck was not his fault when he feels bad just tell him I hit a parked car in high school. lol
    I have not mailed the books yet. Work has been crazy and I was in a wedding today so no post office. It was an Indian wedding and I hope to have a picture up tomorrow. :)

  30. Oh my word! I am so glad that your son is ok! Geesh! And to be T-boned by a MINIVAN none the less! Thank God he is ok!

  31. So glad everyone is ok!

  32. Wow. Keep a good eye on your son over the next few days in case problems show up that weren't immediately apparent after the accident. Seeing that first picture, it's truly amazing he's okay.

  33. Thank goodness he is okay! That's the most important thing! I hope he isn't too sore.

    It's too bad about the car though! Honda is great they just keep going and going! I had a Acura Integra for over 13 years and the only reason I sold it is that my husband now takes the bus to work because parking is so expensive downtown. We no longer need 2 cars. The sale financed my new sofa and love seat. I hope your son get enough insurance to get another reliable car!

  34. I'm so glad to hear your son is fine. ((HUGS))

    Diary of an Eccentric

  35. Thank God your son was not injured! Considering the point of impact, it is a miracle.

    L. Diane Wolfe

  36. That's so scary! Back when my husband & I were dating, the brakes failed in his Bronco. He ran into the back of another car. Luckily, there wasn't much damage but I always worry about that kind of thing.

    I'm so glad your son wasn't hurt badly!

  37. Wow, how frightening. I'm so glad your son is okay- and the poor car! I've heard Hondas are very reliable, my sister has one she's driven for years.

  38. Will is extremely lucky. I am glad that he is ok. So scary.


  39. Brittanie,

    That old Honda was actually the last car my father bought. He got it in January of 1990 and died in July of the same year. It was such a nice, reliable car. We'll miss it, but at least it wasn't Kiddo's fault!

    Your wedding sounds fun. You know there's no hurry. Also, Kiddo wanted me to let you know he enjoyed Broken Angel and thanks for the story about hitting a parked car. It made him laugh. :)


    Thank you! Yes, a minivan. It was driven by a teenager and the mother showed up in a borrowed car. She said, "That was my only car." Yikes. I feel for her. We do have a back-up for our Kiddo, since I bought my mother's Civic from her estate, last year.


    Thank you! Me, too! I told my son I'm extra happy that he's alive, today, when he woke up. My husband was walking past the room and he just chuckled, but I meant it!!!

  40. Thank you to God is right! A car can be replaced, your son can't. God was watching over him thankfully.

  41. Library Girl,

    I'm keeping an eye on him. He actually says he feels fine, today, and there's no bruising on his side. Considering the looks of that car, it's amazing he isn't at least aching all over and that he got so few cuts. There was no glass left in that side window at all!

    Teddy Rose,

    He actually says he feels perfectly fine, today. "I heal fast," he told me, when I asked him if his side or head were still hurting.

    Hondas are wonderful. We actually do have a back-up car for him, since I opted to buy my mother's Civic from her estate, last year. It only has 30,000 miles on it. It's not as nice as the Accord (no sun roof or other fancy add-ons). I doubt we'll get much from insurance, since the Accord was 19 years old, but I'm just so, so happy that the kiddo is okay.


    Thank you! And, thanks for the hugs. I warned my son he's going to get a lot of spontaneous affection. LOL


    That's exactly what I said -- given where he was hit, it's a miracle that he walked away with not a single broken bone. He was obviously in God's hands.

  42. Chris,

    I've never had brakes go out, but I once hit someone from behind. I'll bet a dollar you take good care of your brakes, now, right? Ever since I hit someone from behind, I keep a big, safe distance between my front bumper and the back side of whatever vehicle is in front of me. Those lessons stick!!

    Thanks, me too! He's fine and dandy, although he opted to go back to bed after breakfast. His wreck apparently didn't kill off any lazy cells. ;)


    Thanks! That Honda was a dream car. 19 years old and still purring. We'll miss it -- especially the kiddo; he really loved that car. We were hoping it would last him through at least part of college.


    He is, indeed. Considering the damage, I think it's truly a miracle that he walked away with only a few cuts and a couple of sore spots. He says his head and side don't even hurt, today. Wahoo for that!!

  43. Dar,

    My sentiments exactly. I don't care about the car, much as we liked it and as reliable as it was. I only care that my son was spared. Thanks!

  44. Dar,

    Absolutely. God was watching over him so thoroughly that he's not even sore, today!! Pretty wild, considering the damage. We're happy to still have him, sad about the car but . . . it was just a car.

  45. Glad to hear your son is okay! As for the car, they don't make 'em like they used to, do they?

  46. Lexi,

    Thanks! No, they really don't, although I do like my current car. I hope they at least still have those nice steel bars in the side. Between God's protection and steel bar, my son is one lucky guy!

  47. So glad to hear your son is safe. Is the van in the picture what hit him? He is truly blessed that he was not hurt worse.

    I found myself thinking about the poor woman who tried to stop and couldn't. Those few seconds before the crash must have been horrible for her, knowing she was going to hit and possibly injure someone, trying to brake but being unable to.

    Very sad about that reliable 10-yr-old car, buy blessings that your son is okay.

  48. I am so glad to hear Will is okay. Yeah he's going to be sore. Me, I hit a post office with my hubby's dodge dakota. I was soooo sore. We litereally walked away, half way across down town mpls to where I was going to school at the time. lol

    hugs to will!

  49. A parent's worst nightmare!! Thank goodness he wasn't more seriously injured! What a shame about the car, but it is just a car, after all. In many ways, I am so glad I have never seen Amy's car after being involved in accidents - especially the one in which one wound up getting totaled. I hope you aren't having nightmares about this. Hugs to you!! And your kiddo!

  50. (((Bookfool))) so glad he's OK.

  51. Booklogged,

    Thanks! Yes, the van hit him. I was wrong -- it was a teenager driving the van, but his mother was on the scene and she told me the brakes went out. No kidding. I've gotten to where I can't even look at that picture, now. It's amazing that my son walked away with a few cuts and a goose egg on his head, really.

    The car was 19 years old!! And, it ran like a dream. We were hoping to get at least another 3-5 years out of it.


    Thanks. He's doing okay -- a bit sore but obviously he's doing great considering the damage. I remember you talking about running into the post office. Yikes.


    You know, every time Will goes to work or comes home and I get a phone call from him, I find that I brace myself. I'm almost relieved that it was David who called. He happened across the accident on his way to the rescue mission and says he did a bit of a double take when he saw that car and then realized it was ours. So, he was right there moments after the wreck and pulled up to see if Will was okay.

    We'll miss that car, but we're fortunate. I bought my mother's car from her estate, last year, so we have a back-up. It's hardly been used at all -- 2002, I think, and it only has 30,000 miles on it. I liked the Accord, but I love the kid. I'm just feeling really blessed that he's okay. Thanks for the hugs. :)


    Thanks. :) I need all the hugs I can get. I have got to stop thinking about what could have happened. We are so blessed!!!

  52. Thank God your son is ok. That looks horrible!

  53. ((((Nancy)))) my momma-heart just skipped a beat for you! I am thankful along with you that your son is ok.

    P.S.--also very sorry about your Honda. They are such faithful little cars.

  54. How scary--that is the phone call that all parents dread! I'm so happy for you that your son suffered only minor injuries!

  55. May God be with you and your family always.
    I am glad your son is well!

    Thank God for that :)

  56. OH! Car crashes suck. SO glad he's going to be fine. :)

  57. Stephanie,

    Yes, thank goodness I trained him well. He was wearing his seatbelt or he probably would have flown out the opposite window.


    It took a long time before my little heart stopped going pitty-pat after that call. Thanks. :)

    Yes, we'll miss that car. She was an Old Faithful. Almost 20 years with mostly minor repairs. Hate to see a car like that go!


    It certainly is. I always find that I brace myself if I see my son's name on the Caller ID during a time that he's coming or going from work. My husband was actually just moments behind him (not deliberately -- I sent him with some things to take to the rescue mission) so I got a call from my husband instead of my son, which is probably good. Kiddo called his boss after 911 and his boss said, "He didn't sound too good."

    Thanks!! We are feeling very blessed that he's okay.

  58. Veens,

    God was definitely with us on Saturday!! Thank you. We're counting our blessings, for sure!! :)


    Thanks, me too!!! I keep checking him, though, poor guy. He got a little goose egg on his head and he's getting spoiled, hugged, and repeatedly questioned to make sure he's still got his senses. LOL

  59. O wow! How absolutely terrifying! God really was watching over him. I'm so glad he's ok.

  60. Amanda,

    Thanks! God was definitely watching out for him. I just saw the interior of the car, a bit ago. The fellow who towed the truck -- who sees this all the time -- was even shocked that he walked away. He said, "Did you see that steering wheel?" I did indeed. Goodness.

  61. Glad he was alright! Sorry about the car, though!

  62. Thanks, Kelly!

    We'll miss that car -- it was such a good one. But, the kiddo is much more important and he's doing great, apart from trouble sleeping (not surprising after being hit like that, I suppose!).

  63. Sooooooooooo glad your son is okay, Nancy! My son just got his license in the last month. I'm having a hard time with it!

  64. Oh my, what a scare. So glad your son is perfectly fine. Sigh of relief.

  65. Thanks, Tara!

    We feel very, very blessed. :)

  66. Yay for your son being ok!! Cars are ALWAYS replaceable, but your kid isn't!!

  67. Stephanie,

    Thanks. Absolutely. And, I do believe the kiddo knows how much we appreciate the fact that he wasn't badly hurt. He's been getting lots of extra hugs, this week!!


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