Friday, July 23, 2010

Fiona Friday - When "bad" = "cute"


  1. Fiona is adorable when she's bad.

  2. Kathy,

    She is, indeed. She's so darn cute that my husband even stands there laughing when she attacks his shoes. That's what that last picture was about. She was taking a break from bunny kicking the shoes. LOL

  3. I love her!!

    Is she looking for the 'chasing mice' setting on the treadmill ??

  4. SuziQ,

    ROTFL! Could be! I kind of suspected she was thinking, "Which button do I push to get the human to pull me off this thing and entertain me with some jingle-ball chase?" She actually scared the heck of me when she got her neck a little tangled in the wires to the TV. I thought she was going to hang herself before I could grab her!

  5. Hehehehehe...she's too cute for words!! There's no way you could correct her when she's being bad :p

  6. Pierre one of our cats was on the ledge over the sink that separates the kitchen from the living room and I told him to get off and he just looked at me. He knows better and I did think he looked cute so I sent a picture to my mom then got him off. :)

    Fiona has lots of cute pictures.

  7. Chris,

    Occasionally, she gets the spray bottle. But, not very often. It's more fun to run for the camera so I can capture those naughty moments. Fiona is very entertaining!!


    Yep, that's exactly what I do! You've gotta love it that they're so adorable when they're misbehaving. :)

    Thanks. All of this week's pictures are a week or two old because my husband moved the little thingy that holds my battery charger and then left the hemisphere. I figured he wouldn't know where he put it, even if I asked and didn't bother when he called home. So, I didn't take any great photos, this week.

  8. I completely understand! We've got photos of our misbehaving kitty too. :) Fiona is so cute - love the blinds photo! (We just replaced ours because they were too "loved" by the cats.)

  9. Awwww bad is almost always cute isn't it? So adorable, as always :)

  10. Better you than me! I lost my patience for antics like these a few years ago. Even a soon-to-be eight-year-old granddaughter is pushing the limits. Boy, do I sound like a crab. Must be the heat & humidity...

  11. Alyce,

    Misbehaving kitties are fun to photograph, aren't they? :)

    The first thing I do in the morning is go around raising the blinds about 18" because Fiona is beating the heck out of the poor things. Fortunately, our blinds were cheap and they're old. It wouldn't hurt a bit to replace them.


    Shockingly so! I have such fun taking pictures of Fiona's antics! :)


    We're kind of the opposite, here, having just gone through several years of having one very passive (but outspoken) kitty and then, of course, those months of her illness. All three of us really wanted an energetic kitty and, boy, did we ever get what we wanted! LOL

    Yeah, the heat'll do that. Imagine 6 months of it *every* year and you'll know why I want to move north. :) I do understand a 7-year-old wearing you down. I love my nieces but by the time we were done with our family vacation we were really counting our blessings that we're done with those years!!

  12. Cute when she's being bad! :)

  13. The big problem is that she's always cute, even while being bad.

  14. Serena,

    Thanks. Fiona is getting to know the spray bottle, this week, the little troublemaker.


    Yes, that's a problem, all right. Sometimes I really do let her get away with too much. This week, though . . . I'm not putting up with the chewing thing. She's gotten wet a few times. I think she just shreds things when she's bored, though. So far, distracting her with a toy also seems to work pretty well.

  15. I thought of Fiona and you today while watching Bright Star - great movie.

  16. Care,

    How sweet of you to think of us! I've never heard of Bright Star; I'll have to look it up. :)


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