Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Summer Doldrum Pie

If this past week was a pie, I'd have to say it was one that sank in the middle. It is just too hot for me (hence, a photo of the moon over a nice, cool state called "Colorado"). It was also a migraine week and had I been 100% I probably still would have accomplished next to nothing with huzzybuns banging around, getting ready for a big trip. He went to Australia. Without me, again, yes. Ask me if I'm totally bummed.

I'm trying to psych myself up to spend a week deep cleaning my house, while he's gone, but we'll just have to see what happens. I tend to only get so far and then either Fiona starts attacking my leg (her way of saying, "Play with me!") or I decide the concept of the siesta is way underrated and end up lying on top of a half-made bed, staring into space (Did I tell you it's too hot for me?). Blogging? It's just too much effort. Reading has been pretty much beyond me, too, although I did manage to finish Kindred by Octavia E. Butler and Bellwether by Connie Willis. Plus, 5 books that Sterling Kids sent me. More on those, later. I'll have a Children's Day and review them all, soon.

One week's blogging in review:

1. Last Sunday, I posted some random quotes and a recipe (for apple cake) because it's purging time. Sometimes, I can't bear to pass on a book until I've saved a quote or two.

2. On Wednesday, I managed to bash out a single review: The Passage by Justin Cronin. Well, one review is better than nothing.

3. On Friday, I posted a sneak peek chapter of In a Heartbeat by the Tuohys . . . you know, the folks who were made famous by the movie The Blind Side? Sadly, I have not been in a non-fiction mood and couldn't even talk myself into picking up the book to read a chapter, although I will get to it, eventually.

4. Later that evening (Friday), Miss Fiona made her weekly appearance. This time, I used to have a little fun making her slightly cartoonish.

That's it. Wow. Kind of a pitiful blogging week. Hopefully, this coming week will be better. I actually had to zip over to the Big City three times, last week, which ate up many hours. I don't go to the Big City without taking the time to go to a store or two for supplies. There are a lot of things we simply cannot acquire in our little town.

Since the heat and fatigue and husbands leaving without me have been messing with my ability to read, I'm not even going to bother updating you on my reading, apart from the fact that I've added one more book but haven't put it in my sidebar. I'm a little under halfway through Doomsday Book by Connie Willis. I liked Bellwether so much that I decided to give another Willis book a go, even though it's 600 pages long. The next few weeks should be equally hectic and hot, so I anticipate a minimum of computer time and then I'll take some time off to ponder my empty nest after Kiddo leaves for college (muffled sob).

I leave you with yet another Colorado photo: A fox who stopped mid-scratch to wonder if that chick on the deck was a problem. Apparently not. He went right back to sleep.

I definitely need to do some wahooing on Wednesday. Happy Sunday!

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  1. Don't work while your husband's gone - it's time to play!

  2. Kathy,

    Well, I'd do that but it's hard to work when he's here because my husband is Mr. Chaos. Maybe I'll do half and half -- a little deep cleaning I can't normally get to and a lot of reading. ;)

  3. I'm with Bermudaonion, take some downtime while hubby is away. When my husband has had to go on business trips and I'm left behind, I love to watch rom-coms. Oh and I hear you on the heat... I've been so sluggish lately and I know it's just the heat. I don't want to do anything.

  4. Iliana,

    Well, then . . . two of you can't be wrong. LOL Maybe I'll just goof off and read all afternoon. Except, I have to start up the dishwasher, first. We're out of spoons. Then, maybe I can talk Kiddo into watching something goofy and romantic with me, later on. He's pretty tolerant of my movies . . . sometimes. Not sure if this will be one of those days -- I never know till he arrives home from work.

  5. That fox pic is stunning! He's so cuuute.

    As for the reading week: the review of The Passage was stellar, so that made the whole thing for me. Now if I can concoct a half-intelligible review of my own, I'll be doing well!

  6. Andiloo,

    The fox was uber cool. We just stood on the deck watching him nap away (or "her"). Occasionally, he'd look up to see if we were still there and maybe assess the threat level. He kept coming up with green (low to no threat) and then finally stretched and sauntered off. Sooo neat.

    Why, thank you! "Stellar" is high praise. Have fun with your review. I'm glad I let the book roll around in my head for a while. Wasn't it great?

  7. wait...I thought you said that there would be pie. I said to myself, upon reading the title, ooh, pie! And seriously thought that doldrum pie was something to be summer boredom.

    Bookfool, you owe us pie! ;)

  8. Sorry to hear you've been feeling down. The heat is pressing on us too- my plants are wilting! and it's too hot to go outside so we get a bit stir crazy.

    That fox photo is so- wow! I love foxes, I think they're so cool. I've only seen a live one (outside of a zoo) twice in my life. Supposedly there's some that live in my area, in the storm drains, but I've never spotted them. How awesome that you get to see them so up close! Do you have any more photos of him? do share!

  9. When my husband travels for business (and he's been to Switzerland twice this year -- so I understand the jealousy thing!), I allow myself to stay up late; getting more reading time in. Or I catch up on blogs and bloggings. He's gone again this week to NY :-P .

  10. I'm sorry the hot weather has made you feel so bad. I work inside all day so it really has not affected me. But then again I hate winter. lol What college did your son decide on?

  11. J.T.,

    Sunday Pie is my version of Sunday Salon -- because I am way too plain and earthy for something with the word "salon" in it. It just means a hodgepodge tossed in a crust of bookishness. Sorry, no real pie. LOL Maybe when it cools off (that would probably be November . . . might have a bit of a wait).


    Summer always gets me down, so nothing new there. I wither in the heat (and the humidity . . . let's just say I thought it was bad growing up in oven-dry Oklahoma; I was clueless). Yeah, that's the problem -- I go stir crazy. We might as well have 5 feet of snow outside, although then I would probably not be prancing around barefoot and I'd have more energy. Cold weather energizes me.

    That was either my first or second non-zoo fox. I think I saw one in the headlights, many years ago, but it took a while before I remembered that, after telling my mother-in-law I was sure I'd never seen one. Had to shake the memory file to extract that bit. Yes, I have many more photos. He or she was under that tree for some time and then walked off into the wildflowers. I'll try to remember to share more. Nudge me if I forget, please. I am really bad about that.

  12. Valerie,

    Ah, you can commiserate with me, then. My husband travels to some really spectacular places, but I've been pretty much stuck at home for the past 20 years while he's been dashing around, piling up frequent flyer miles and whining about airports (which I happen to find fabulous places because I have nowhere to go for people-watching fun).

    I do stay up later when he's gone, but I stay up too late, anyway. And, I have to get up early to make sure Kiddo gets to work on time. But, soon I'll be an empty nester and then I'll wail that I have no good reason to get up. I should just quit whining. LOL


    Just knowing how hot it is outside gets me down. I like to keep moving and being indoors all day is life-sucking. But, I love winter. You're a true Southerner if you hate winter in MS. It's wonderful in the winter, here!!!! :)

    Kiddo is going to Hinds in Raymond, so he won't be far away (wahoo!) for the first 2 years. I'm happy about that. We're still planning to look at houses in Clinton. Kind of need the husband to stay in town, now and then, if we're ever going to get around to house shopping.


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