Saturday, October 09, 2010

9:03 PM or it would have been if my stupid computer wasn't freaking out

<---Laziest cat on the planet.

<---Also, I finished Fables: Legends in Exile.

I don't read that slowly. But, I am certainly discovering that I'm not the type to sit and read all day long. It's amazing how many things there are to distract a gal who doesn't like to sit still.

Also, I like to study the illustrations in a graphic novel. I don't just read, glance and flip. But, geez, it was only 119 pages.

How are you doing?


  1. Anonymous9:25 PM

    The hour grows late
    My cheers are lame
    Hope you’re still reading
    And your eyes aren’t aflame!

  2. There's an echo in here. Hmm.

  3. Reading is good and reading is great, keep on reading and stay up late!!!

    Hope you are having fun and thanks for sharing the kitty pic! Great job!!!

  4. It's getting late and you're doing great!
    Hope you're enjoying your selections.
    Just a few more hours and you can do it!

    - Elizabeth (Team Irony)

  5. I'm total opposite on readathon day--normally I'll read 30 pages and then take a nap, but I guess my adreneline kicks on for this event?

    Anyway, you're doing a fantastic job missy. And very cute kitty.

    I'm headed to bed but hope to be back in a few hours.

  6. OK, Izzy can have "Laziest cat on the planet" as long as Jiro can keep his "Goofiest cat on the planet" title. ;)
    Keep on reading on!

  7. I think I have another half hour or hour in me and then I should head to bed. I have church in the morning so I knew I wouldn't be doing the whole 24 hours anyway.

    I haven't read many graphic novels but from my small experience, they are not as short as they may first appear!

  8. Samantha,

    Thanks! I think half the fun was posing my lazy kitten with books! :)


    Thank you!


    I didn't make it all night. That's probably obvious. LOL Update coming up!


    Maybe that's it. I am stunned that I didn't cave in for a nap at some point. I did take a nice, long bath and gave in 6 hours before the end, though.

    Thanks! The kitties were a fun presence. :)


    I haven't seen a photo of Jiro in ages, but he can keep his "goofiest cat" title. Although, if you were watching Isabel, right now, I do believe you'd be laughing. I am. :)


    I knew I wouldn't make it the full 24 hours, too. That's fine. I met my goals.

    Isn't it wild how nice and quick those graphic novels look? Very deceptive. You have to examine the artwork to see everything that's happening or you'll miss too much. Fables was a fun read.


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