Monday, October 04, 2010

Little Chimp's Big Day by Schroeder and McCue

Little Chimp's Big Day by Lisa Schroeder
Illustrated by Lisa McCue
Copyright 2010
Sterling Children's Books (ages 3 and up)

In the jungle, in a tree
Sits a little chimpanzee.
Mother said she'd be right back.
But now the branch snaps with a crack . . .

Little Chimp is off on an adventure that takes him into the mud with a frog, onto the back of a hippo, under a waterfall, up in a tree for a banana snack, all around the jungle until he wears out and mother chimpanzee conveniently shows up to put him to bed in a tree.

Little Chimp's Big Day would be a cute story even without Lisa McCue's marvelous illustrations, but her cheerful paintings truly make the book a winner. I've been a fan of McCue's artwork since we read and enjoyed a board book called Raccoon's Hide and Seek illustrated by McCue, when my youngest was quite small. All of us can still recite the rhyming text in that beat-up old book.

In Little Chimp's Big Day, that same delightful art is paired with equally memorable rhyming text and a sweet story. Little Chimp may be wondering where his mother has gone, but mother's not worried. She's quietly hiding, allowing her little one to explore while she keeps an eye on him. Sharp-eyed children will notice the mother chimp peeking through the trees and catch on to the fact that someone is watching out for the little one, even when he thinks he's all alone.

Highly recommended, but I'd especially recommend that parents with little ones who are having trouble with separation anxiety rush out to find a copy of Little Chimp's Big Day as it's a perfect story for reassuring children who are going through that "fear of abandonment" stage.

Just walked in:

Everything Christmas from WaterBrook for review
Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale (from PBS) and
Fables: Legends In Exile by Willingham, Medina, Leialoha and Hamilton (graphic novel, from PBS)

Just walked out:

My brain. I think it went for a nap with the cats. It is really cold in this house, though, and that ought to keep me awake. I am loving the cold, in case you're wondering. We're supposed to shoot back up to the 80's, this week. ~sob~

Last night I finished reading:

Mr. Darcy's Obsession by Abigail Reynolds - and I liked it. I think I'll review that one next, to break up the children's book reviews. I've got quite a backlog of children's books to review because of the Summer Reading Slump followed by End-of-Summer Blogging Block, both of which I hope never to experience, again, ever, ever.

This made me smile, yesterday:

The University of Oregon's a cappella group On the Rocks singing "Bad Romance". It's the dancing that made me smile but I love their voices. Awesome video. Warning: The song contains some bad language. It's a Lady Gaga song. It hurts me to type that "gaga" bit. Thanks to SuziQ for pointing out that bit of mad fun.

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  1. It's been cold in our house, too! The other night I wound up wearing my down parka when we walked Annie-dog. I am so not ready for winter weather!!

    Love that Lady Gaga video. Those guys are great! :)

  2. Les,

    I actually gave in and turned on the heater, last night, since the house does get cold when it drops to the 40's at night. We're so well shaded that it's hard to get the house warmed back up. Of course, we appreciate that shade during the long summer months! I'm ready for cold. You have harsh winters, so I don't blame you for cringing at the sudden cold.

    Isn't that video awesome? I just love an a cappella men's choral group.

  3. The Little Chimp book looks very cute! I'm not so much a fan of the colder weather because once it gets cold here it stays that way until May.

    I'll have to check out the UO video later when the kids aren't right here. I went to the UO, so I'm extra curious to see it. :)

  4. Alyce,

    Little Chimp went on my keeper shelf, although I may end up giving him to my niece, who is expecting a baby in January. She will likely find herself heavily gifted with children's books.

    It's actually back up to 86 degrees, today. We don't get much cold weather. Winter is really just a week or two long -- real winter weather -- most years. The rest of the time it's like an extended fall. Since we have at least 6-7 months of intense heat, we really appreciate the cool days!

    The studio version of that UO video is my favorite, but if you watch one of the casual performances, you'll get the humor of their dance a little better, I think. They're such fun to watch.


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