Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Making of a Gentleman by Shana Galen

The Making of a Gentleman
by Shana Galen
Copyright 2010
Sourcebooks Casablanca - Historical Fiction/Romance
364 pages
Shana Galen's Website

Well, there's just no getting away without mentioning the romantic elements, this time, but after reading Shana Galen's The Making of a Duchess, I jumped up and down and waved my hand when The Making of a Gentleman was offered to me for review and it is every bit as fun and adventurous as The Making of a Duchess.

The Comte de Valere has spent twelve years in prison and lost the ability to speak. He has no manners and cannot bear to be touched. When his family hires a lovely tutor to teach him how to speak, he begins to change, emerging from the protective shell in which he has wrapped himself.

Felicity Bennett has a problem. Promised to a devious rogue, her only way out of a potentially disastrous marriage is money. In order to escape her commitment, Felicity takes a job as a governess. But, she's stunned to find that her job is to help the handsome Armand Valere learn to speak and act like a gentleman. As Felicity teaches Armande, attraction grows between them and Armande begins to remember his past. But, the secrets buried in Armande's mind are frightening and some dangerous men are determined to find answers.

Will Felicity ever break free of the nasty man who threatens to ruin her life if she doesn't pay up? Why has Armande forgotten his past? And, will the secrets he harbors destroy their growing attraction?

Well. You'll just have to find out by reading the book, won't you? Shana Galen captured me, again, with this delightful story of passion, adventure and pure fun. Galen has a delightful sense of humor and a tremendous knack for page-turning plots. I absolutely loved this book.

One warning: There are graphic sex scenes and this time they happen between an unmarried couple. Oh, the shock. I survived. But, I thought I'd give you fair warning.

The bottom line:

Highly recommended, especially to those who love a little more action in their romantic reads. The setting is a few years after the French Revolution, in England, although there's a wee little jaunt to France to make sure you get a good dose of, "Oh, no, they're all going to die!!"

What else is up in Bookfool's world?

The kitten is not yet afraid of the toilet. In fact, little Izzy likes to pad around in the bathtub after the water has drained. We have paw-prints on our bathroom floor. They're dry, don't worry. She likes to take drinks out of the sink, too.

Today, I started reading The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong. Ghosts! Sometimes they're scary ghosts, but ghosts!!

Hmm, not much else is going on. I need to work on that.

Something bright to go with the dress on that cover:

That's a little girl feeding a squirrel in St. James Park, London.

Happy, happy day!

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  1. sex between unmarried people?? NO! OMG. I never would have guessed,with a cover like that, LOL :-)

  2. LOL, Marie!

    The cover is very tame compared with what they did in the gazebo. Gasp!!


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