Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Going unplugged - back on the 30th (with kitty pics)

But, of course, I'd never leave you without at least a kitty pic or two to admire.

I will pre-post the book tour due on the 30th and plan to be back no later than some time during the first week of July. I intend to totally step away from blogging, so my sidebar may stagnate, but don't worry. I'll update you on what I've read when I return. See you then!

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  1. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Good for you! Have a nice time and read a bunch to share with us!

  2. So, they are quiet and still sometimes!

    Enjoy your break from the computer!

  3. I hope you have a nice relaxing time away, and I look forward to seeing you back!

  4. Kay,

    Thanks! I'll try. I'm reading the dog book in the sidebar, as of last night, but I'm madly cleaning, today. The cats don't know what to make of this bizarrely active woman. Haha.


    Thank you, m'dear! Love your waterfall photo! I'm trying to shut up on FB, too, you see. :)


    Yes, they play hard and wear themselves out. It's really adorable. Right now . . . active mode. I just heard Isabel skittering down the hallway, batting a rattle ball. Fi is having a snack and I'm sure she'll either nap or take off after Izzy in a minute. They're such fun.

    Thanks! I'm hoping I'll get a tidier house out of this break, along with some reading . . . hope, hope. :)


    Thanks! Funny that I'm doing the opposite of relaxing, at the moment. I think I'm just tired of sitting in front of the computer. Sometimes it's fun to just madly clean for a while and that's what I'm doing. Whatever works, right? :)

  5. Be safe, read a lot, and remember to record the comings and goings in kitty-dom. You'll be missed.

    PS. Incredible-Bookfool-worthy reviews WILL be expected. Seriously, just go enjoy time for being you!

    Miss ya!

  6. If you have a minute, check out my review of Simon's new book. It was AWESOME! And we wouldn't have expected any different right?

  7. Gaye,

    I'll try, but if I just spend two weeks goofing you'll have to forgive me. ;)

    Thanks! I'll be back in no time. I got a good start on the housework, today. I know that's not exciting but sometimes I let it go a bit.


    Okie doke. I'll be there as soon as I'm clean - just got back from a very intense Zumba workout. Boy, was that fun!

    Of course we would expect nothing less of Simon. He is awesome all the way down to the cellular level, in my humble opinion.

  8. Good for you!! I should do the same. Wait. I think I already have. ;) I'm reviewing a book that I finished in the middle of April. Ack! I'm so behind!!! Enjoy your break. :)

  9. Okie dokie! See ya later, alligator.

  10. Les,

    Oh, wow, you are kind of behind. LOL I don't even remember what I read in April. I won't be gone quite *that* long! But, I am definitely more productive away from the computer. Thanks!


    All righty. After a while, crocodile!

  11. Enjoy your time away! I'll be going on vacation just when you're coming back, but hopefully I can cobble together some posts to pre-schedule.

  12. Anna,

    I've been thinking about taking off some time for a while and I hoped to go ahead and pre-post before dashing off. Oh, well. In the end, it turned out I just needed a break because I didn't feel like writing. Hopefully, taking a little time off will help me get my groove back. I hope you enjoy your vacation!

  13. Enjoy your break! Read lots of good stuff and just have fun :)

  14. Why is it that so many book bloggers love to share cute pictures of their cats? I am such a sucker for these types of posts, and do the same thing for my fat cat Beatrice!

  15. Aw. Kitties. Have fun on your unplugged time off!


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