Tuesday, June 07, 2011

'Twas my bloggiversary - only missed it by 1 day, this time

Yesterday marked 5 years of blogging for moi!

The sixes are for the beginning date of my blogging history, 6-6-06. I didn't even notice all those devilish sixes until last year. I opted not to try to get a fat cupcake with candles to photograph, this year, since last year's attempt was so humorously disastrous (upside-down cupcake, frosting all over the lid . . . could have baked my own but nooooo, I had to go for the difficult option).

I wrote a long-winded history of Bookfoolery, yesterday. I edited it and edited it till, at about 10:00 PM, I thought, "Who wants to read all this crap, anyway?" So, let's just say it's been a good run, so far. I've particularly enjoyed meeting like-minded souls. I miss the camaraderie of the early years, when the number of book bloggers was so small that we were divided into casual and literary bloggers, but I've loved meeting new people -- especially when I get to meet bloggers in person.

I think of Bookfoolery as my place to talk freely about a few things I love -- books, family, cats, nature, travel. I've tried different approaches to reading, over the years -- joining challenges, avoiding challenges, reading a few ARCs, accepting too many ARCs, avoiding ARCs -- but my purpose has never changed. My blog is still basically a dumping ground.

Doesn't that make you feel great about hanging around, here? Well, you wouldn't drop by if you didn't like the random insertion of things like adorable Charlestonian kittens in daisy frames, right?

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  1. Wow, 5 years is ancient in the blogging world! Congratulations!

  2. Anonymous9:45 AM

    And a very happy belated blogversary to you, Nancy! Your six-ish start is funny or devilish if you like. I do enjoy your little forays into kittie-dom or whatnot. You keep writing. I'll keep reading. :-)

    103 here yesterday - only the first week of June - egads!!

  3. Happy Blogoversary! I had no idea that you had been around for so long, but hope that you continue onwards for many years to come!

  4. Happy blogoversary!!!! I can't believe you've had 5 great years so far - and here is to many more than that to come. Love your blog and all of the things you post, and also love hanging out when we get a chance to :)

  5. Right! Love to visit and learn what's going on in your neck of the woods--kids, cats, books, birds, lizards, and all!

  6. Kathy,

    Yes, I am one of the ancients. Not that I have any wisdom to impart. Thanks! :)


    Thank you! Yes, so devilish. And, apparently my bloggiversary is the anniversary of D-Day (67 years, yesterday), so I'm not the only one with that distinction. :)

    Yikes, 103? We stayed in the 90s. I feel for you. I think I'll be hiding in a dark house for months. This has already been such a crazy-hot summer.


    Thanks! Yeah, I've been around dinosaur ages in blog years. All 5 years are archived in my sidebar if you have any interest in seeing how things have changed, but that might be more than a little dull. LOL Many thanks! :)


    Thank you, thank you! I cannot wait till you and I can hang out, again. :)


    Haha, a sign you've been hanging around here quite a while is the mention of lizards and birds. I haven't seen too many of either, this year, but I've been indoors more than usual. :)

  7. Happ-Happ-Happy Day to you!! I like celebrating so I will have the cupcake for you and think of all I have learned from you and how I enjoy your updates, reviews and kitty-photos! Thank you for the counsel that you have meted out to me over the last few years. You may be unaware of your impact but it has touched me profoundly!! THANX a million.

    Celebrate and stay cool. You are such an important part of this bloggers world!

  8. Wow, I agree - very ancient in blog time! Happy blogiversary!

  9. Gaye,

    Thank you! Darn, now you're making me crave cupcakes. LOL Goodness. I don't know what you've learned from me, but gosh. Thanks. If you said that to me in person, I'd be blushing. Thank you for being here!

  10. Jill,

    My blog is about 35 in dog years. LOL Thanks!

  11. And I thought I was old at four years (celebrated on Sunday).

    Happy bloggiversary Nancy. Yours was one of the first blogs I happened across and I've loved it since day one. I also miss the olden days when we were much smaller and could be a bit more intimate but I think there's still a bit of room for that. But I'm thrilled at how many of us old folks are still hanging around. ;)

    And yes, absolutely stick around for the dumping ground. It is a sweet smelling one anyway.

    Many more...

  12. Happy blogiversary! Hope you have many more!

  13. Happy bloggiversary, you old timer!!!! ;)

  14. Happy Blogiversary!!

    Email me, please and thank you. I am curious what's new and such and it has been forever!

  15. Trish,

    Close enough. 4 years is old in blog years, too. ;) Obviously I haven't blog-hopped enough; I missed your post. Will have to go back there after the storm that's moving in (RAIN!!!!).

    Thanks. Yeah, I think some of us oldies actually do a pretty good job of sticking together, although we all love meeting new folks, too. It's just impossible to visit *everyone*, now. But, that's okay.

    Haha. I hope it's sweet-smelling in the blog, at least. I missed trash day. The driveway doesn't smell too perty.


    Thank you!


    Thank you! I do believe you're not that far behind me. Am I right? Seems like you've been around practically forever, like Trish.


    Thank you!

    Okie dokie. We have a storm moving in but I'll start writing an email and see if I can beat it. It's just rumbling a little, at the moment.

  16. Adorable!

    And happy belated blogiversary.

  17. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Does this mean I call can call you a dinosaur? In a good way, of course. :-D

    Happy blogiversary!

  18. Carrie,

    Aren't they darling? Mama kitty was not far away. Care pointed them out to me and she managed to capture one of them in a tree! I missed that shot.

    Thank you!

    Ms. Fizz,

    You may call me a dinosaur. I might not answer, but it's better than a lot of other things you could call me, isn't it? ;)

    Thank you!

  19. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Gooly gee, yer OOOollllld. Snort. Email coming.

  20. Care,

    I shall be eagerly awaiting the arrival of your email.

  21. Happy blogiversary and here's to many more years! I love the kitties -- they are adorable!

  22. Happy Happy Bloggiversary!! My 5 years kind of passed with a wimper earlier this year, since I haven't been blogging all that much this past year or so. And I'm so sorry I haven't been coming around or commenting much. :(

    I know what you mean about the good old days when it was a smaller group, but it's kind of cool that there are so many people who love reading and chatting about books! That can never be a bad thing.

    Here's to many more years of blogging and general bookishness. And hopefully we'll finally get a chance to meet up once we move. :)

  23. Aw, kitties! :)

    Congrats on five years!


    "Who wants to read all this crap, anyway?"<---Me!!!

    I love your dumping ground, even if I'm really horrible with commenting!

  25. Holly,

    Thank you!


    Thank you! Aren't those kittens darling? Care spotted one in a tree and called me over, knowing how much I love kitties.


    I've been equally bad. And, I'm finding that I don't feel like writing reviews at all, lately, which is so weird. Maybe it's time to take off for a few weeks. I think I might try to whip out a few reviews to catch myself up and then take a break.

    Oh, yes, I think it's very cool to find out there are so many people who think books are worth talking about. It was nice when you could actually read most of the blogs out there, though. It has exploded so much in the past 2 years or so that it boggles my mind.

    Thanks! And, yes, definitely. I'm rooting for a meet-up in Vancouver. You could show the rest of us around!!


    Aren't they darling? I just want to reach into the screen and snatch them up.

    Thank you!


    Thank you, m'dear!

    Well, that makes one of you. LOL

    Oh, I don't mind you being a fly on the wall. I've become one, myself. I'm so very, very busy with life that sometimes when I read blogs I just feel like I can't come up with the energy to say anything! I'm glad you stopped by, though. :)

  26. I, too, miss the early years when the bloggin world was smaller and more intimate; easier, in many ways. It's lovely indeed to meet new people, and to expand my horizons with new books and genres, but I will always love the initial network the best. Like you.

  27. Congrats on 5 years! Glad you never gave it up. :)

  28. Bellezza,

    Pretty funny when the "good old days" were, like, 3 or 4 years ago, isn't it? :) Yes, I still love that little circle of friendships from the early days. It's great meeting new people but there's just something special about those you keep carrying with you. Ditto. Like you!


    Thank you! Me, too. I need more frequent breaks, these days, but whatever works, right? :)

  29. Happy blogiversary from a fellow old timer! Here's to many more years!

  30. Marg,

    LOL Thank you! Old timers unite! :)

  31. Happy Blogiversary, Bookfool! Congratulations and a BIG Woo Hoo to you and your kitties for keeping you company as you blog. :)

  32. Hi Joy!

    Thanks! I just walked in the door and the kitties seem to be hiding! I'm sure they'll show up, soon. Must be siesta time. :)

  33. Happy Blogiversary!!!

  34. Amanda,

    Thank you!

  35. Oh Bookfool I'm so sorry I'm late to celebrate your bloggiversary with you! But, sending you many wishes for many more years. I love visiting with you in blogland! Congrats on 5 years!

  36. Iliana,

    You know it's no biggie when you show up! I'm glad you dropped by. We both tend to get busy and not get around to the blog-hopping. Many thanks!

  37. Can I just say ditto to Nat's and Bellezza's comments? My blogiversary came and went without any fanfare and I've been pretty bad about commenting on my favorite blogs, not to mention posting on my own. I miss the early days and need to get back in my groove. I'm glad you're still around and I wish you a very happy belated anniversary!! Happy reading!!

  38. Les,

    Yes, you are free to ditto. :) I'm getting pretty bad, myself. It's the working out thing. I'm so busy trying to fit in 2 workouts a day . . . and then I'm taking a siesta to read when it gets hot and I don't feel like I have time to sit at the computer after that because then I do chores. I need to sit down and write a few reviews, though. Thanks, Les. Happy reading to you, too!


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