Friday, January 13, 2012

Fiona Friday - That is so not a cat

I'm unable to upload photos from my memory card, at the moment, so my grand-dog gets the spotlight for today. Don't you love the look of adoration on Peyton's face as my daughter-in-law put a Christmas ribbon around her neck and antlers on her head?

I am also going to take a few days off to read and step away from the computer. I'm currently halfway through A Good American by Alex George (an ARC; release date is coming up soon, in February) and about a third of the way into The Phantom of the Opera. I'm enjoying both. The other two books in my sidebar have suffered while I obsessively watched Season 1 of Downton Abbey. I need to read Empire of the Summer Moon by Wednesday of next week, though, so I'll pick it up again, soon.

Happy Reading!

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  1. AWWWWW!!!! I want more puppy pics. She looks a LOT like my dog, Daisy, and I rarely see dogs that look much like her.

    Enjoy your stepping away time!

  2. Andi,

    Well, then, I guess I'll occasionally throw in a dog pic! I don't get to see Peyton often, since she's in Nashville, but we're planning to go fetch a desk my son borrowed, some time in the next couple months (don't know when, yet) so I'll hopefully get to take more. She does look a bit like Daisy, doesn't she?

    Thanks! I'm enjoying the reading time. I stopped reading to fetch a coffee. Very important thing, coffee.

  3. No cat would ever look at you with that sort of adoration, BF...

    She's a beautiful girl.


  4. Awwww….he is SO precious!!!! I can't wait to have a doggie :D Enjoy your books Nancy!!! I'm reading An Abundance of Katherines right now which I'm LOVING and I think you loved too if I remember right…then it's on to Green's latest, The Fault in Our Stars!!!!! Still plugging away at Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover too :D I'm convinced 2012 will be a good year!

  5. Awwwww! I love that sweet face! She looks ready to just kiss your face off. :D Congrats on the grand-dog! It's good practice. haha

  6. YOu are welcome to show off any pics of Oscar and Esther. :)
    Peyton looks like a wonderful dog.
    Happy Blogging Break and Reading More!

  7. Love the picture of the pupple being decorated for the holidays! I am hoping to watch Downtown Abbey as soon as it gets here from Netflix too! I have been hearing amazing things!

  8. I like to think that the difference between cats and dogs is this: Dogs think "I love you, no matter what you do to me." Cats think "You love me, no matter what I do to you."

    Then again, I have a cat who likes to chew on me while purring. My dad says her nickname for me is "beef jerky," lol.

  9. Aww, she's a cutie!

    Hope you enjoy your reading time. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about A Good American.

  10. Cute picture! Enjoy your break! I hope you get lots of reading done. :)

  11. Yes, dogs are a touch more patient about being dressed up than cats. ;)

  12. Not a cat but such a pretty dog. Yes, I do think that dogs tolerate more. Poor Lexi had to endure being Elle's horsey ride this morning. Ha! What a good sport.

    Look forward to your thoughts on Phantom! It's been sitting on my shelf for years.

  13. CJ,

    That's definitely a distinctly doggy look of affection. I totally deny that my cats are any less devoted, though. ;) She is a very pretty animal and quite well-behaved (except for the licking, which I truly cannot stand).


    An Abundance of Katherines was my first John Green read and it's still my favorite. Can't wait to see what you think of The Fault in Our Stars (when I come back to blogging - still enjoying my time away). If you google "Bookfoolery" and "Dave Ramsey," you can read a post I wrote about one of his books in 2006. I hope your 2012 is as great as you predict. :)


    Yes, she's very kissy. LOL I've been told I don't get grandkids for a couple of years but if devotion to one's dog is indicative of future parenting, I think my son and DIL will definitely be okay! :)


    Oh, thanks! I may do that if this problem continues. I've got one old photo of Fiona that I might use, but otherwise . . . seems like I've posted most of the good ones, so I really need to figure out the deal with not being able to load to Picasa. Peyton is a great dog. You would love her.

  14. Zibilee,

    That was such a cute moment, when DIL decorated the dog with cast-off Christmas ribbon.

    We're on our second round of Downton Abbey, Season 1, and I've pre-ordered Season 2 on DVD (because I really want to see it ASAP and I figure subtitles would be nice). It's a great show, very addictive. You'll love it. :)

    Library Girl,

    LOL So true! And, because we do spoil our cats, they're completely right about that. Love it that you're beef jerky. Neither of my cats bite or scratch unless something terrifies them (like a very loud noise), but I do get the occasional "love nip". They're very sweet.


    She's a lovely beastie.

    I finished A Good American and enjoyed it very much. Hopefully, I'll get around to reviewing it, this week!


    I knew you'd enjoy a dog photo. :)

  15. Kelly,

    Thanks! So far, I've finished two books but I need to read at least one more and dig deeply into another to feel satisfied. I'm working on The Phantom of the Opera, today.


    They are, indeed. But, I still like cats best. :)


    We talked about what a nice horse Peyton will make, someday, when we were visiting son and DIL. She's a pretty big dog and very muscular. I'll bet Elle had fun. :)

    I'm enjoying Phantom. It's very different from the movie and play, but I expected that. The only problem I have with it is that occasionally he loses me for about a paragraph -- and I'm not sure how exactly the Phantom whispers in people's ears if he's actually a person, not the ghost they think he is -- but other than that, it's very entertaining.

  16. Aww, what a good dog. I don't think Annie would be as happy about the ribbon and antlers. She's a funny dog.

    I really need to get Downton Abbey in my Netflix queue. I'm sure there's a very long wait! Of course, all this time I thought it was "Downtown." ;)

  17. Les,

    Peyton is a really nice dog, very lovable and eager to please. She didn't actually like the antlers, however, and shook her head a bit. DIL promptly removed them. I was lucky to capture that moment.

    Downton Abbey is so freaking addictive. We just recently got Amazon Prime for the streaming of movies and TV. Most everything is pretty old, but there are a lot of things we enjoy, like seasons of Doctor Who. I was surprised that they had Season 1 of Downton Abbey. As a side bonus, we've been able to get free shipping on Kiddo's school books and that 2-day shipping is pretty terrific. His school is odd about not letting them know what text to buy till they arrive.

    LOL "Downtown" would be an easy mistake to make.

  18. I really can't wait to read A Good American!

    1. It's really good, Marg -- an epic family drama. I'll be reviewing it, soon. Figured there's no hurry, since it's memorable enough not to worry about forgetting what I want to say and it's a February release.


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