Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to my fellow blogging, reading, Internet friends and relatives! We have been without phone and Internet service for a week! Who'd have thought that could happen in the modern world? I chose to take advantage of the time and finished reading 5 books (although I'm not sure Awkward Family Pet Photos really counts). I will update you, soon. It's going to take me a few days to get used to wasting time on the Internet, again. :)

I finished up the year 2011 with 143 reads. That includes a few with hardly any text and some children's books. I think it was a pretty decent year, not my best in quantity but an improvement in quality/enjoyment. It usually takes me a few weeks (sometimes several months) to write my Year in Review post, but I'll post the full list, before then.

Welcome to a nice, fresh and shiny year where anything can happen. I hope the majority of 2012 is wondrous and exciting for you!




  1. Thanks, Kathy! Happy New Year to you and your family, too!

  2. Well, if we can count picture books, then I think I read about a bajillion this year. ;) Teasing.

    I hope that 2012 is a wonderful year for you Nancy.

  3. Happy New Year! You did way better than me. I only read 116 books in 2011. I am looking on the postive side and that is a good number considering how rough a year I had. I am doing much better so hopefully 2012 will be a good year. :)

  4. Happy new year, Nancyroo!!!! Here's toasting 2012 and its potential awesomeness!

  5. Happy New Year! I don't know how you made it without the internet for a whole week...well, I'm sure the books helped. ;)

  6. Trish,

    LOL I only started counting children's books when I began reviewing them! Otherwise, I'd have been reading at least 400 books a year, when I had little ones. We had big marathon reading sessions, sometimes, in addition to bedtime and regular reading. No wonder my kids are both big readers. :)

    Thanks! Happy New Year to you and your beautiful little family!


    I am stunned, given the speed you read. I think you were just stressing over the exercise and diet too much, myself. Here's to a more relaxed and balanced year in 2012. I hope it's everything you wish for!

    Happy New Year, Andiloo!

    Clink Toasting with you. Here's to a magical new year of awesome reading and happy times with family!


    Haha! Books did help! I finished 5, this week, and I'm halfway through another. Amazing what you can get accomplished with no internet. But, boy, was it awful not being able to look up words and weather and just be in touch with the world, in general. Happy New Year!

  7. Happy new year! Time off from the internet is really freeing for a while (and then I start to go through withdrawals). :)

  8. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Love your new, fresh, and shiny header! Happy New Year to you, Nancy. Sorry about your techno woes, but the reading part sounds fun.

  9. Happy New Year to you! I can't wait for another year and I can't help by hope this one goes a wee bit slower than 2011 :)

  10. Alyce,

    Thanks! Happy New Year to you and yours! Yes, I went through withdrawal. We went to the coffee shop, twice, and McDonald's, once, but typing on the face of a tablet was so annoying that we didn't last long. I missed the convenience of being able to type on my desktop!


    Thank you! That's an older photo I cropped (from Christmas past) so I could have a colorful holiday header. I think I'll leave it up for a while. It was very strange not having internet access for so long, but I loved the reading! :)

  11. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Happy New Year, and welcome back to the connected world. :-D

  12. Happy New Year, Nancy!!!

    You must have AT&T. They did that to us this summer. The jerks.

    Way to go on the reading front! Quality and enjoyment are what it's all about; I'm glad that improved for you.

    Give the kitties some love from me!

  13. I hope your 2012 is positively wonderful, Nancy! Full of laughter, and productivity, and relaxation, and contentment...all in the proportions that will make you happiest. :D

  14. Happy New Year! I look forward to sharing more reading experiences with you in the coming year!

  15. Happy New Year! To be 'unhooked' is both a blessing AND a curse. Thank heavens we have print of another sort.

    May you find blessings all around you (and plenty of books too!)

  16. Fizzy Jill,

    Thank you! Happy New Year! I may have to disconnect more often, actually. We'll see if that ends up on my goal list. :)


    Happy New Year!

    Hmm, how did you know? Yep, it was AT&T. They're usually pretty good about repairs, but this time was really something. I hope it was just a holiday thing. Your experience does not bode well for that being the case, though.

    Thanks! Loving every book is a continuing reading goal of mine. Eventually, I hope I'll get there!!

    Oooh, an excuse to love up the kitties. Will do!


    Why, thank you! Right back at ya. :) Balance is something I continue to struggle towards. I do think 2011 was an improvement. I hope 2012 is everything you wish for!

    Rhapsodic Jill,

    Oh, yes. We must make sure that happens! It was such fun reading The Soldier's Wife with you!


    Happy New Year! Ah, yes, so true. It was a blessing to be offline because I got so much accomplished, but I really did need to look up a few words, talk to a few people and pay a bill that would have been late if AT&T had dragged it's proverbial feet for two more days. Kind of unnerving, that. The added reading time was such fun.

    Aw, thank you. I wish you the same. Our blessings are many and our library is full. We're still working on thinning it, but that doesn't mean a few new titles won't sneak their way into this household. You know how that goes. ;)

  17. Happy New Year to you, too, Nancy! Glad you're plugged in again. :)

    You read over a hundred more books than I did this year! My one and only resolution is to carve out a chunk of time in every day for reading. This year was pathetic in terms of quality and quantity.

    Here's to 2012!!

  18. Love the fox and butterfly image! Without phone and internet for a week? Surely there is a twelve step program for that; going cold turkey must have been hard.

  19. Les,

    Happy New Year! I love your new blog look. :) I'm not so glad I'm plugged in. At the moment, I'm trying to limit my internet time because I'm so much happier when I get things accomplished around the house.

    Sounds like a decent reading goal. I read most nights, but I need to go to bed earlier because I tend to get caught up in my reading and stay up too late. I hope you have a terrific reading year in 2012!


    Isn't that image wonderful? I wish I knew how to create images like that. Going cold turkey was definitely weird (and a little awful) but I am so pleased with what I accomplished that I'm trying to limit my internet time. We'll see how that goes. :)

  20. Thanks, Anna! Happy New Year to you and yours!


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