Friday, March 04, 2016

Fiona Friday - Twofers

I've already posted this photo to Facebook so I'm going to share two photos, today, for those who've already seen this gem: the look Isabel gave me when I asked her to stop attacking the clean laundry (by far my favorite photo of the week).

My second favorite is a pic of the cats hanging out on the guest bed. They weren't exactly cuddling but it was nice to walk into the room and see that they were peacefully coexisting.

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  1. What is it with cats and clean laundry. Mine always try to dig into it. I think they can't handle their scent not being on everything. When my husband gets out of the shower. Belly runs up to him and starts rubbing his legs like crazy.

    1. That's probably part of it, but Isabel likes two other things about laundry. She's a tunneler, so she likes to dig into a pile and after she's stuck her nose everywhere to see if there's anything interesting to climb through, she'll often push things around and make herself a bit of a nest. She seems to feel protected when surrounded by clothing. She also absolutely loves the warmth when it's cool outside. I will often put a fresh load of laundry on the bed when she's already sleeping nearby, knowing that by the time I come back to the room to fold it will be too late. She'll already be curled up in the middle. I tried to get a shot of her wading blissfully through warm laundry, one day, but by the moment I got to the camera feature on the phone, she humorously flung herself into the middle of the pile and I ended up bent over laughing.

  2. Great pictures! I love to see my cats sleeping near each other, too. They were actually cuddling the other day, but Finn is so nervous that he moved when he heard me come in so I didn't get a picture. :(


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