Friday, February 11, 2022

Fiona Friday

This photo has a story. I had a sleepless night in which the cat contributed to the challenge, so at about 2AM, I decided to just document all that climbing around that Isabel was doing. Here, she's balanced on the edge of a bedside table drawer. I have photos of her climbing across my legs, walking across the drawer from various angles, close-ups, and one hilarious photo of her tail flopped across my face. It was a hell of a night. The next night was a normal one, thank goodness. 

For those who aren't on my Instagram, Isabel had some bad blood results and is currently on antibiotics. We're hoping the problem is just a bad infection, not something worse. If you've been around a very long time, you might remember our Sunshine, who is still in the sidebar. Sunshine was the same age both kitties are now when she died of cancer. And, recently both cats have come up with their own health challenges. Fiona's hyperthyroidism is under control with medication. Now, we just have to hope Isabel's problem will be fixed by antibiotics. Any prayers or good vibes are welcome. I'll be back to regular posting with next week's Monday Malarkey. 

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  1. My cat has hyperthyroidism too. He's about 17- getting up there! Hope your cat continues in good health.

    1. Both of mine are just 12. Thanks! Fiona's doing great on her medication. It remains to be seen how Isabel does. She seems pretty energetic, today, so that bodes well. :)


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