Friday, July 13, 2007

There's a storm coming, but before I have to shut down . . .

Just a bit of silliness.

This is what happens when Bookfool practices avoidance technique. Sad, but true.

I'm really going to do that housework, now.

Bookfool, friend of Action Squirrel


  1. Hey, Action Squirrel can come to my house any time he wants to avoid the heat...

    And I'm stealing your meme.


  2. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Cute! Action squirrel. I saw a movie trailer for Under Dog the other day - I think. I might be hallucinating from lack of sleep, but in that case - hallucinating Under Dog? Just my luck.

    And of course you'd rather read [several posts ago]. And crowds suck.

  3. CJ,

    I would definitely have to accompany Action Squirrel to a cooler climate. :)

    Steal away!


    Hallucinating Underdog is something I've never had problems with, although I remember him well. I am much like pretty Polly (a wimp).

    I've been reading. A storm swooped in, so we had to unplug and I figured, "Reading time." Crowds definitely suck. I'm the most unmotivated housewife on the planet. My entire family is asleep - even the cats. Good grief. Well, I'll just wait till they're conscious and make them help out with the cleaning. Hahaha. As if.

  4. I think the nice thing about blogspot is that if you get a storm, you may have to shut down, but at least people can keep reading your blog. When we get a storm, if we lose power, and we do, nearly once a week in the summer, my blog is gone, too!

  5. Dewey,

    Really? I didn't know it was possible for a blog to shut down in that way. How interesting. We get a lot of storms, here, and even when it's sunny we lose power pretty often (fried squirrels and snakes are often the problem). I'm forever having to redo the answering machine message because it's digital and everything disappears when the power goes off.

  6. Take that pe-khan and run like the wind! :)

  7. I'm sure he'd run even faster if it was a pecan. It was just an acorn, though. Bo-ring. :)


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