Thursday, October 15, 2009

*Giveaway* - Life After Genius - CLOSED!

Since I've just removed one little adorable giveaway image from my sidebar, I'm adding another. And, then I have roughly three more to add, but I'm going to try not to make anybody's head blow up by posting too much, today. Yesterday was one of those heavy-posting days. I don't do that often.

Life After Genius by M. Ann Jacoby - My copy just walked in the door 10 minutes ago so all I can do is share the description, which I have to type by going from window to window because @#*% Blogger no longer allows me to cut and paste. Grrr. Also, the Reader's Guide appears to be unavailable so I'll return to post it if/when it shows up at the Hatchette website. This title is supposed to be a good one for discussion.

For now . . . an embedded thingy:

And, a Description: Theodore Mead Fegley has always been the smartest person he knows. By age 12 he was in high school and by age 15 attending a top-rank university. Now he's 18 and on the brink of proving the Riemann Hypothesis, a mathematical equation that has mystified academics for over 150 years. But, just days before graduation he packs up his bags and runs home to Illinois. Why did he flee? Only Mead and a classmate whose quest for success has turned to obsession can answer that question.

At home, still haunted by private ghosts, Mead finds no solace. His parents don't understand the agony his genius has caused him, nor his desire to be normal. Mead's dreams seemingly crushed forever, he embarks on a new life's journey -- learning the family business of selling furniture and embalming the dead -- a choice that disappoints and surprises all who knew him as "the young Fegley genius".

Equal parts academic thriller and coming-of-age story, Life After Genius follows the remarkable journey of a young man who must discover that the heart may know what the head hasn't learned.

If you're North American and I like you, you can enter to win one of 5 copies!!! You may jump up and down, now, because I can already confirm that I like you (although I can't tell if you're North American -- you'll have to figure that part out on your own). Okay, sit back down to read the rules.

Rules, Rules, Rules:

1. Leave your email or I shall call up the tiny, frightening men in green suits with long, red beards and insist that they sing limericks and dance upon your head. Also, you'll be disqualified, ditched and eliminated.

2. Think like a North American and Be One. Hatchette's giveaways are limited to the United States and Canada, eh? No P.O. boxes.

3. I'm going to skip all the fussy extra-entry stuff, this time, just because I can. Mwah-ha, I have the power. So, that's it. Two rules. Sign up and leave an email if you qualify. The number three just gives balance. As we all know from reading home magazines, two objects on a table or other surface leave us feeling cranky and bloated. #3 is just for you. I want you to feel balanced and whole.

The drawing will be held on November 15, 2009. I will close the post to further entries at 6pm Central Time.

Important Notice: I now give winners 48-72 hours to reply to respond because I'm a busy girl (and I'll be even busier in November, writing my little heart out during NaNoWriMo). I strongly advise following this blog in a reader, if you don't already, so that you will see your name if something hinky happens to your email (or you just don't check your email often). I'll let you know how long you have to respond within the text of the drawing winners announcement post.

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  1. This sounds good!

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  9. Love your layout! My boyfriend really likes squirrels. LOL

  10. Cindy,

    Thank you! I sometimes worry that my layout is way too "old style", so I appreciate our comment! I love squirrels, too. That was a lucky shot of the squirrel in my header. We came across him just as he found and unwrapped the abandoned ice cream cone in a parking lot. It was a truly cool moment!

  11. I think this book sounds really good. I didn't realize this was a debut novel. Please enter me for this drawing, Bookfool. Thanks.

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  12. This book sounds very interesting, and I would greatly love to read it. I had a student who left public school to attend the University of Oklahoma when he was to have been in the seventh grade. He was the youngest to ever enter OU and the youngest to ever graduate from OU. He had already been accepted to medical school when he decided to come back to his home high school and complete the senior year with his public school classmates. I had him for two classes that year. I will be interested to see if my student's story matches the one of the student in this book.

    Thank you,


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    When I took architecture classes in college, I learned that the early Greeks developed that standard of 3, 5 or 7 was a better and more satisfying look to objects than evenly spaced objects.
    I am now a new follower to this intersting site.

  15. Joye,

    Cool!!! Thanks for sharing that little tidbit. And, thank you for following my blog. :)

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    Sounds like a great read... Insight and quirkyness. Please accept this as my entry. Thank you!

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    As the parent of two very bright kids, I'd like to read this novel.

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