Sunday, October 18, 2009

Winners of *The Bible Salesman* Giveaway!!!

I almost forgot I had to pull a few names out of the hat, today. Whew! You might have had to wait a day if I hadn't taken my vitamins.

And, the winners of The Bible Salesman are . . .


I'll be in touch, but if you don't get an email from me and you're a winner, please send your mailing address to the email in my sidebar by Wednesday morning.

I asked whether the fact that Christianity, beliefs and Bibles play an important role in this book had any effect on your desire to read the book and only one person said she was "totally put off" by the Christianity aspect. The rest said it either piqued their interest or didn't matter a bit. And, a lot of you love that cover! I haven't yet received a copy of this book, so there's no review to link up to but I do plan to read it, eventually. Congrats to the winners!


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