Friday, April 02, 2010

Fiona Friday


  1. so cute. She must give hours of entertainment. Does she know she is such a star?

  2. Could she be any lovelier? <3

  3. I love Fiona Friday!!

  4. lol- That is just too cute!

  5. Kathy,

    She's a hoot. I don't think we laughed as much in 5 years as we have in the weeks since Fiona adopted us.


    Fi is endlessly entertaining. We just finished playing with a ribbon, which she followed up with a little jingly-ball chase and now she's moved on to batting a milk-carton tab around the hallway. I wish I had that kind of energy!! Fiona is very humble. :)


    I can't imagine how. LOL


    Thanks, I do, too! It gives me an excuse to take all those pictures (even though we all know I'd do it, anyway).


    Thanks! She's an awesome little furkid! :)

  6. What a cutie pie!!! Oh my gosh! I want a fur kid. But this time I want a sheltie but won't happen in this apartment.

  7. Aww, I love this photo! And I love Fiona Fridays, so please keep taking these photos and posting them. On the other hand, don't think you must limit them to Fridays.

  8. Krista,

    Fiona is the craziest, most energetic and hilarious cat I think I've ever been owned by. You told me you want a sheltie, not long ago. I don't know dogs well -- I'll have to look them up.


    Thanks. I'm having fun weeding through photos to pick out a Friday photo. I take so many photos of Fiona that I can't possibly even share all my favorites, so there will be plenty showing up on random days, as well. In fact, there are two photos of her in my Tuesday Twaddle post.

  9. Oh I love this! One of the best pictures ever.

  10. Thanks, Bridget!

    It's one of my new favorite Fiona pics.

  11. How absolutely adorable! :)))

  12. LOTUS!!!!!

    Can you tell I'm excited to see you? :) Thank you! We're loving our new fur girl!

  13. She looks like she's having a grand time! Kitties are so playful. :)

  14. Les,

    Fiona is very, very high-energy and requires a lot of playtime. If she's in the mood to play and nobody is around, she comes to get us. It's one of the few times she actually bothers to say, "Meow." LOL I think she was having fun with her little yarn ball, yep.

  15. Hello Fiona! What a doll. And how do you get your kitty pictures without that evil glare in their eye? You know...that reflecting one...

    I miss having a kitty. Even though Maggie is still kind of little and fairly active she is 9 year old and way above such kitty antics. If I shook a toy at her she'd like at me like, Um you epxect me to do what? She used to play fetch with me when she was a baby! Loved showing people that trick. Didn't love it at 6 am when she'd bring me the toy to play.

  16. Trish,

    If you look hard, you can see Fiona's eyes are reflecting the flash, but I do occasionally get some decent no-evil-glow pics and there's a trick. Focus on the kitty's face and then keep the shutter release button down halfway (to maintain the focal distance) and shoot a little off-center -- so that the kitty's face is not what gets the full flash, but her face is still in the frame and in focus. I just did that last night and it worked beautifully. Not every camera will allow you to do that (my little point-and-shoot just keeps refocusing) but most SLRs will allow you to focus and then keep the focus where you want it but move your subject off-center. I hope that made sense.

    Aw, Maggie's past her kitten years. I understand that. We're now thinking that we'll just wait till Fiona is beyond the kitten years to bring in a second kitty, but we'll see. It's kind of sad when that ends, isn't it? Fiona doesn't quite fetch (she doesn't bring things back to you) but she will grab her ribbon, walk off with it in her mouth, drop it and then expect you to pick it up and play some more. She's an awfully fun kitty!!


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