Friday, April 23, 2010

Live Big! by Katie Brazelton

Live Big! 10 Life Coaching Tips for Living Large, Passionate Dreams
by Katie Brazelton
Copyright 2001
Howard Books - Personal Growth/Christian
141 pages - DNF

Unfortunately, this is another Did Not Finish, but I will tell you right up front that there's absolutely nothing about Live Big! that I disliked or that turned me off. I simply have been very moody about my reading, lately, and it was another case of wrong book for the moment.

The title basically says it all. Live Big! is about pursuing your dreams. In general, I love positive-thinking books, but it's possible that I'm getting a little too old for this kind of book. I'm more at the "squeeze in what you can of the old dreams before it's too late" stage. Mid-life crisis, maybe. Anyway, I read 18 pages and actually enjoyed those 18 pages but just couldn't seem to go on and I think it's just me. If you're looking for encouragement and particularly if you like to be encouraged from a biblical perspective (i.e., "God is on your side," encouragement), this may be the book for you and it's a quick bite of a book at a mere 141 pages. I'm pretty disappointed with myself for not managing to get very far, but I will definitely give it another go when the time is right.

I'm typing this at 12:39 a.m. on Friday morning, unfortunately, because Thursday was One of Those Days. Earth Day is technically over and I had plans to post about some books that I thought particularly fitting for Earth Day, so . . . wait, it's Earth Month, right? Every April is Earth Month, isn't it? If it's not, I just made it so. I will plan to get around to commenting about my Earthy books before the end of April. If I don't, you can strip me of Official Tree Hugger status, which would actually save me from the poison ivy but let's just keep that bit hush-hush, okay?

I didn't say that. Seriously. One of Those Days. In the end, it was Craig Ferguson (the late-night talk-show host, not that other guy you went to school with who used to pull your pigtails and tie your shoe strings together . . . although it seems likely that the famous Craig did that) who saved me from using an entire box of Kleenex for no other reason than I just felt like sobbing because it was One of Those Days. Thank you, Mr. Ferguson, sir. The only trouble is that Mr. Ferguson had me laughing till tears streamed down my face. I'm going to have really dry eyes, tomorrow.

Finished today, in spite of all the snuffling: Will Grayson, Will Grayson by Green & Levithan

Live Big! is a tour book (my thanks to Howard Books for the review copy), so Fiona Friday has been delayed till evening but I do plan on posting a photo. Not to worry. Happy Friday!


  1. As a writer of self-help books, I'll definitely pick this one up.
    And yes, sometimes it's just the wrong point in our lives for a book.

  2. Diane,

    Thank you for saying that. I hate DNF-ing a book because I don't want anyone to avoid a book simply based on the fact that I set it aside. I'm a really moody reader and I think I've just gotten worse about that, this year.


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