Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fiona Friday

This was a hard week for Little Fi, as she had 2 out of 4 of her booster shots (guess what's in store for next week?). She had a bad reaction the first time she got shots so this time she got the painkiller chaser. It's been a slightly lazy week and I didn't like this week's photos. I've chosen an "older" one. Not that we go very far back. My little girl is up to 7.1 pounds! She's growing so fast!!

The kitty in the new header is neighborhood cat Slim (aka "Vampire Kitty"), the same boy who stars at the bottom of my blog. I may change that footer pic, soon. He's been down there for at least 2 years.


  1. Hi Vampire Kitty! Hi cute little Fiona! Hi Bookfool :D Glad to hear that Fiona got some painkillers this go around! How are you Nancy?

  2. Poor Fiona! Our baby has to get her shots in 2 batches too.

  3. She is gorgeous. She looks like royalty.

  4. Hi Chris!

    Fiona says hello from her windowsill! I'm glad she got painkillers, too. She was miserable after her first booster shots. Thank goodness she's back to normal, today; I've been hearing crashing noises all morning. I'm great, how are you? Our new dryer arrives, today! Woot! Kelly and I are going to buddy read Will Grayson, Will Grayson. I can't wait!!


    Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. It's really kind of horrid when an active pet is sluggish for several days, isn't it? I've never had a kitty react to shots, before this. Fortunately, Fiona is back to her fun-loving self, today. I woke up to Kiddo saying, "Fiona! No, Fiona! Fiona, don't!" along with crashing noises. LOL It's a good thing we love her so much.


    I'm pretty sure she thinks she's royalty and the minions are sooo not supposed to tell her to stop climbing on her various thrones (like, say, the piano throne -- "NO, Fiona, down!"). Thank you. I think she gets prettier, every day. But, I tend to fall in love with my furballs and think them the most beautiful creatures on earth.

  5. You know I look forward to Fiona Friday every week.

    I agree with what Bybee said - she's practicing her regal posture in this one.

  6. SuziQ,

    I'm fortunate that Fiona allows me to photograph her incessantly. She's quite patient. Funny that two of you think she looks regal. Kiddo wouldn't let me give her my first-choice name for a kitten because, "She's not regal and uppity-looking enough for that name." Haha. I love it.

  7. Aw, Fi is so cute! She reminds me a lot of our cat Tiger. Hope she's feeling better now.

  8. Alyce,

    Thanks. I think she's lovely, but I'm biased. Good choice naming your kitty "Tiger" if he looks like our Fiona! Those stripes and golden eyes make her look really tigery. Sometimes she can look really fierce, but we know better. She's just a sweet little nipper.

  9. hugs and cat nip wishes to fiona. she looks so thoughtful in this pic! wonder if slim's top billing will give him more street cred around the neighborhood? notice a little extra swagger in his step these days? ;) sosososo glad other bloggers are as enthused about their feline friends as i am about mine! :)

  10. Rosemary,

    Thanks!! I'll pass on those catnip wishes. Fiona will love you. The photo was taken during one of her rare calm moments -- she's quite a lively girl. :)

    Slim is a funny cat. He's quite friendly but with dogs and dog-lovers ruling our area, he has a tendency to skitter off if you don't call to him softly. That's when he goes into swagger (and beg) mode. He is nutty for head rubs.

    So, I've made it very obvious that I'm completely besotted with my kitty, eh? LOL I love that yours is your "assistant". That cracks me up. Kitties are the greatest.


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