Friday, April 23, 2010

Fiona Friday

Playing with knit scarves would not be such a problem if the humans in the household actually cared about whether or not things got snagged. Winter is such a vague concept in the Deep South, after all. Go ahead, Fi. Have at 'em. But, please don't snag the beach towel.


  1. Better the scarves than your curtains! I look forward to Fiona Friday every week ;-)

  2. SuziQ,

    We don't actually have many curtains -- mostly just mini blinds and window toppers, everywhere. I don't know if that's my personal style or just because we live beneath two gigantic oak trees that block most of the light and I want to let in as much as possible.

    Fiona thanks you. She's zonked, right now. Poor girl doesn't have the energy to even follow me from room to room, as she normally does.

  3. She looks like she's really concentrating!

  4. Kathy,

    Yes, I think she was pondering how to get out of that bind. :)

  5. I should probably be more particular with what I let me cats gets their little mitts on, but they just look so cute that I usually let them play for at least a little bit.

  6. She looks so contorted, and so serious in this picture. Too cute for words!

  7. This is a really cute picture. I just imagine the joy for Fi of tugging at those strands, there for her enjoyment.

    A nice "random" find in a blog surfing morning.

  8. Nicole,

    Same here. We're probably a bit too laid-back about what the cat gets into. But, it's just so fun to watch them play, isn't it? Plus, we really appreciate the laughter she's brought back into our household and if only for that reason, she deserves not to be chastised too often. We save "no" for climbing on the piano or attempting to join us for dinner (by walking across the dining table). And, attacking feet. Nobody likes foot attacks. LOL


    She was probably concentrating on how to get out of that fix. Really, there's very little that ruffles Fiona. You know the hurt look cats give you when they get right under your feet and you accidentally trip over them or kick them? Not so for Fi. She's high-energy, but under that energy is a really relaxed kitty. She's all kinds of awesome. :)


    She was having a blast. I think by the time she got all tangled up, we'd been standing around watching her and laughing for a good 5 or 10 minutes. Fiona seems to be pretty dedicated to having a great time. :)

    Thanks for dropping by! Fiona Friday is a regular feature since Fi adopted us (about 2-3 months ago), so there will be plenty more pics of her, if you're ever back in the neighborhood.

  9. Ha!! She's so cute! She looks like she has definitively staked her claim on that pile of yarn. As in "this is mine and don't you touch it!" I still owe you an email, Nancy!! Been meaning to check up on you to see how things have been. Hope you're doing ok!

  10. Chris,

    Fiona is a total doll. I think you need to come meet her, some time. She does take her play time seriously! :)

    I am in serious need of a vacation. Sometime, I'll have to tell you about all the fun we've been having. Lucky husband gets to escape, at least. This week, he's going to Anchorage. Unfair!!!

  11. Anonymous9:07 AM

    She looks like she's doing yoga.

  12. Either that or practicing her cheerleading moves.

  13. Anonymous7:47 PM

    It's good Fiona doesn't live in Chicago! She could snag all the beach towels she wanted up here. ;)

  14. I'm totally tempted to comment on ALL Fiona Friday posts in my reader because she's just so dang cute but I'll save you the moderation troubles. :)

    I think my favorites are the Tuesday Twaddle where you caught her with her tongue sticking out or the one with the milk carton tab. At my office building today the security guards found a bunch of kitties (don't know where/how) and my coworker took two little babies home with her. They were so small they could fit into my palm (one each). You would have loved them!

  15. Serena,

    Thanks. That's one of my new favorite pics, although she's so funny I actually have too many to choose from whenever Friday rolls around.


    Yes, I'd imagine you have a shorter swim season than we do. Since kiddo's a lifeguard, we keep a big old stack of beach towels for summer and he uses them to death. In spite of having plenty, we still have to periodically replace a few.


    Oooooh, I would love to see the tiny kitties!!! Thanks for not commenting on every Fiona Friday. I'm not up to snuff, this week, so it's taking me longer to reply.

    The photo with Fiona's milk carton tab is probably my all-time favorite, so far. She looks so lovely in that one. Most of the others are goofy, but she's a really pretty girl as well as a funny one. :)


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