Friday, August 27, 2010

Fiona Friday - Ahhh

Regular bathing is a must.

Pre-posted, in case of continued technical difficulty. Don't worry if I'm unable to approve your comments. I'll get to them when possible!


  1. I love how you catch her in poses like this, with the sly side look! And isn't it crazy how long cats tongues are?!

  2. I love how you caught her right in the middle of the action there.

  3. Fiona is so pretty. She looks like swirly ice cream.

  4. Fiona is getting a hurricane named after her!

  5. That's because cleanliness is next to godliness. And all cats are gods/goddessses (at least in their own minds) ...


  6. Aw! Fiona is so cute! I love how cats get completely absorbed into their bathing rituals!

  7. Good girl Fi! It's important to look pretty and keep those runnin' shoes white!

  8. Amy,

    It is crazy! I forget cat tongues are so long until I happen to catch a cat in the act of bathing on film. And, thank you. :)


    Thanks. Fiona's pretty much always caught in action because she even sleeps light and follows me if I leave a room in which she's sleeping!


    Haha. Thanks, I love that! Swirly ice cream. I'll have to tell Fiona (and Kiddo -- he'll love to hear that description).


    Really? I haven't been watching the news, so I didn't know that. I'll have to check the weather in a bit.


    LOL Yeah, and I think most kitty owners worship them a bit. Fiona certainly has me jumping to please her. :)


    Thanks. Isn't it fun watching cats bathe? I find it bizarrely relaxing.


    Yep, must look perfect if only to prove to the dogs of the world that they're totally gross. Kidding, kidding. I don't think Fiona even knows dogs exist.


    Thank you!

  9. Happy Birthday, Nancy!! I tried to post on your FB wall, but there's nowhere to write on your wall! Hope you have a fabulous day. :)

  10. Thanks, Les!

    Hmm, I may have screwed something up. I made my wall private, but the idea was to keep those messages posted to my wall from appearing on the general board that everyone sees. Thank you for the card, too! I'm all full of jetlag and kitty world, today, so I must apologize. I meant to write you a thank you for that, privately. I am getting really bad about email, anyway. Eeks.

  11. I'm terrible at keeping up with my email, too. Hope you recover from your jetlag and that your bday was extra special!

  12. Les,

    Well, I know you do but you have an excuse called a "day job"! I don't have that, yet. Thanks, I'm recovering slowly. Last night I finally got a full night's sleep. I woke up to a fellow with a tiny kitten in his arms - so cute! My birthday was kind of blah. I don't get gifts, anymore, and that's fine but at least 2 out of 3 of my family members forgot. :-P I got a kitten, though, so I can't complain. LOL


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