Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fiona Friday

It's apparently "Play Hard and Crash" week for Fiona. She's either been at full speed or flat on the floor -- both of which are totally cute. I'm so happy to be back with my kitty girl.


  1. If you play hard enough, you have to crash! LOL She's adorable!

  2. Kathy,

    Yep, exactly. We occasionally deliberately wear Fiona out because she obviously needs the play time. Thanks!

  3. Heh, wearing her out deliberately sounds like a good idea. I try to do that with mine too. I love how it appears she is looking at us slyly from the corner of her eye wondering what is up!

  4. Our kitties do that too, although they wear each other out so much that we don't get as much play time as we used to. I can't complain about that though - it means more snuggle time. And Fiona is adorable as always!

  5. Pretty kitty.

    Lovely header!! Must. Go. To. Alaska!!

  6. Amy,

    She's such a high-energy kitty that we have to wear her out or she gets a little nutso and starts chewing on things. She was probably watching me. Fiona really hates to have her picture taken, but she puts up with me (most of the time). :)


    Thanks. Since we only have our one girl, we have to wear her out. Most of the time we enjoy it, but there are days that everyone is wiped out and we argue about who has to play with the cat. I always lose, but it's a good kind of losing. We have tons of fun, Fiona and I. :)


    Thank you, thank you, and yes you do. I think you should start making plans right now.

  7. One cat, many moods. Always gorgeous.

  8. She reminds me of an hood ornament here. If a car company were to use her as a model, I'm sure its' business would improve!

  9. She's just adorable in either state whether it be full speed or crashed.

  10. Bybee,

    Aw, thank you. It's nice to know my biased opinion of Fiona's beauty is acknowledged by others. :)


    What an excellent idea! Fiona hood ornaments!! I love it! Who shall we pitch that idea to? Maybe Jaguar needs an off-shoot or Minis could get tiger stripes and Fiona ornaments. ;)


    Thanks, dear. I think so, too, but we all know I'm totally biased. :)

  11. She looks ready to pounce!

  12. Serena,

    Nah, she was worn out! :)


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