Friday, April 22, 2011

Fiona Friday - From the Freaky Big-Eyed Cat File

"There are wonderful smells calling to me from outside." -- Fiona
"You may smell them through the open window, but you're not going out there. I like you too much to let the dogs eat you or a car smush your little pretty fur self." -- Fiona's slave
"Don't be surprised if I keep sneaking out to munch on monkey grass." -- Fiona
"Sigh." -- Fiona's slave

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  1. She is definitely focused on something out there!

  2. LOL! I actually WANT my cat to dare to go outside but she's agoraphobic, even more so since we moved. Sigh!

  3. Kathy,

    There's a lot to look at through our door -- squirrels, birds, a chipmunk, all that green stuff she wants to sniff and munch on. I was snapping pics of a lizard, at that moment. Not really sure what she saw!


    We don't have leash laws, here, and the cars zip past our house at ridiculous speeds (our road goes up and down like a rollercoaster, which seems to make everyone feel as if they should drive fast) so it's truly not safe for kitties. Our dearly-departed Miss Spooky was once attacked by a pack of dogs and only survived because she was able to dive into a holly bush. She was still pretty badly hurt because one of the dogs took a bite out of her hind quarters but she survived, thank goodness.

  4. Oh yes, those wonderful, enticing smells!

  5. Chrisarama,

    Both kitties' noses twitch like crazy when we open the windows. They love outdoor smells!

  6. What big eyes Ms Fi has! It's next to impossible to keep them in, isn't it? I'd like to with mine but they always manage. Maddie is too quick when the dog is going out and Max is tricky about it.


  7. CJ,

    She does have big eyes! It's hard to keep her in, but so far Fi hasn't made it more than a few feet beyond the porch before we caught her. I've found that if I pull up some monkey grass and bring it inside, that seems to help. She really does crave her greens (she also eats broccoli and asparagus).

  8. Hehehe...zombie cat...she looks like she's strung out from lack of sleep :p

  9. It's clear to see that something on the other side of that screen is captivating her! We have a couple of boy cats that love to get outside and go wandering, which we try very hard to prohibit, but recently I have been thinking about kicking them out after they both peed on my new couch. I am not a happy camper right now.

  10. I love this picture! Seeing Fiona through the screen with those huge eyes...priceless.

  11. One of our cats is always trying to get out, and when he does he loves to munch on grass, so we bought him a container of grass just for kitties that he can munch on. Unfortunately he still tries to escape, but he loves the cat grass too.

  12. Chris,

    Fortunately, that's not something I ever have to worry about! LOL She does love her naps. That wide-eyed look means she sees something interesting. I have no idea what it was!


    I guess they don't like your new couch? Funny. I mean . . . not funny, but interesting. I go to great lengths to keep mine indoors. There's just too much danger out there. Our Spooky was injured at least 2 times -- the worst of which was when she was chased by a pack of dogs, but something also took a chunk out of her (maybe a possum) another time, and I could not count the number times I had to talk her down out of a tree! I prefer to avoid all that. She lived 16 years, but indoor cats have longer lives, in general.


    Thanks! I always love it when I'm outside mucking about and turn around to see my kitties peering at me through the door. It's so cute.


    I need to get some cat grass. I've been occasionally bringing in handfuls of monkey grass and Fiona loves that, but I'd rather have something she can just munch at random. Where did you get yours? Pet store? Online?

  13. What a COOL effect that screen gives this portrait. Frame-worthy.
    PS I am getting the most interesting words for verification today: here is OVELESS and the one prior was ZATICAL. I like the sound of that; I wonder what it would mean?

  14. Care,

    Thanks! I kinda like the look of that screen, too.

    LOL I love both OVELESS and ZATICAL. I'm thinking a "zatical" is could be a very lazy sabbatical, although it probably needs at least one more z for that to work. ;)

  15. Guess what? A fellow colleague has seven marmelade tiger kitties to give away. Now, I couldn't possibly take seven, but one for me and one for you? I'm so tempted. At what point does one have too many? We're currently only at two. Bellezz, the Kitty Hoarder.

  16. Bellezza,

    Oh, wow, how tempting!! LOL You should definitely grab one. I think we're a 2-cat house, max (mostly because they're indoors and so are the litter boxes) but my heart desires a about 5 kitties. I think my heart doesn't own enough square footage to win that battle, though. ;)


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