Friday, May 24, 2019

Pinky Got Out! by Michael Portis and Lori Richmond

"Welcome to the zoo. Showing you around is my favorite thing to do," said the zookeeper. "These birds always stick together. So today, be like a flamingo and stay with your flock."

"Uh-oh," said Penny. 

Pinky is a famous flamingo at the local zoo. When a group of children go on a field trip to the zoo, Penny is the first to notice that Pinky has escaped from the flamingo enclosure. She tries to get the zookeeper's attention but fails. As the class walks around the zoo — learning about meerkats, seals, monkeys, pythons, and other animals, along the way — the news of Pinky's escape slowly spreads.

Penny tells Mia and Mia tells Joey. Penny. and Max tell the zookeeper Pinky's in the giraffe exhibit and the zookeeper says, "Don't be silly." Pinky is good at hiding. By the time they've seen the pandas and ostriches, passed the ice cream cart, played in the children's area, and visited the gift shop, everyone knows that Pinky got out. They tell the zookeeper in chorus, making her jump, and in the next page spread the children are climbing onto the bus while the zookeeper stands behind a fence with Pinky. All is well.

Recommended - I particularly love the fact that Pinky hides in most of the illustrations (he's snorkeling in a tank in the spread with the seals) giving little ones the job of hunting him down in each page spread. In the final spread, it's night-time and the zookeeper is counting the flamingos, as she does at the beginning of the book. She counts to 9 and says, " . . . and . . . wait." Pinky is flying away again. I predict giggles and a lot of fun pointing out the mostly-hidden flamingo from children who are read Pinky Got Out! I always loved reading books with an interactive quality and ones that tickled their funny bones. My children would definitely have loved Pinky.

I received a copy of Pinky Got Out! from Penguin Random House for review. Many thanks! 

It's Friday, but this is a tour post so Fiona Friday will be posted on the wrong day (Caturday, of course), this week! 

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  1. That looks like a book my kid has, about a gorilla named Marvin who slips out of his cage during feeding time. The rest of the book is pages of different animals in the zoo, with Marvin hidden somewhere in the background. It's cute! and fun to look through.

    1. Oh, cool! I thought this one was really fun. I haven't decided whether to put it on the shelf for future granddaughter visits or send it to them but it's going on the keeper pile, for sure. I looked up Marvin. The Escape of Marvin the Ape? It looks like it has terrific illustrations.

    2. Yes, that's it! You guys should try it out.

    3. I may grab a copy when I've paid off my new patio. Thanks for mentioning it!


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