Friday, January 08, 2021

Fiona Friday - Winter snuggles

The time for winter snuggles is at hand. These two always start out a little apart. Then one or the other will stand up, stretch and settle back down, this time touching just a little. Then, another stretch and shift and so on. Eventually, they end up a lot closer than this little butt-touch but it's funny how they always start out acting like they want a warm spot by my feet but not together and then end up all cuddled up, often with limbs flopped over each other. I love winter. 

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  1. So cute. It's like they have to keep up appearances- 'we don't really like each other, this happened by accident' ! or something

    1. Exactly! Although, actually, Isabel adores Fiona. But, they both do the stretch-and-scoot-a-little-closer thing. I think in Isabel's case, she's learned to start slow for fear that her buddy will freak out and leave. It's really adorable.


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