Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Ungifted by Gordon Korman (Ungifted #1)

Ungifted by Gordon Korman is the story of a middle school troublemaker who goes a bit too far. When Donovan causes an accident that will cost the school district a great deal of money in repairs and then is accidentally sent to the Academy of Scholastic Distinction (a school for the gifted), he decides the school is an excellent place to hide from the superintendent, who knows what Donovan looks like. 

When it turns out that Donovan's averageness is a bonus to the robotics team and the school in general, everyone wants him to stay. But they know he doesn't belong; he's definitely not gifted. Will Donovan be able to remain at the school long enough to help the Academy's robotics team win the annual robotics competition?

Shifting between a number of different viewpoints, the reader gets to see what it's like to be an average guy who likes pranks and ends up in a school for the gifted, how a couple of his teachers view him, and life as a very gifted person through the eyes of some of his classmates. 

Highly recommended - I love Gordon Korman's books and Ungifted is a new favorite. I've read the follow-up book, Supergifted, out of order (I got it as an ARC, a few years ago). It stood alone fine but I've wanted to read Ungifted since then and I was not disappointed. Korman is a gifted writer. I love his blend of smart, wacky, and humorous storytelling. 

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  1. I was I grade 5 when Korman’s first book, written when he was just 14ish came out, the first Bruno & Boots book. I read that series so many times and his I Want to go Home is one of the funniest books I remember reading. I have such a special place in my heart for Gordon Korman!
    I remember Mrs Adams reading the book aloud and laughing so hard she could barely read it.

    1. What a wonderful memory! My elementary school had a librarian who read to us every day and it's something my childhood best friend and I still talk about. It was so special. Very cool that you found Gordon Korman so young, too. I just discovered him a few years ago when I read Schooled and I adore his sense of humor. Thanks for sharing!!!


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