Friday, February 12, 2010

Photo Friday - Big Snow in Mississippi!!!!!!


  1. Beautiful pics! The snow was unexpected and fun. Loved it. ; )

  2. Anonymous9:38 PM

    The poppets look like they need parkas and mittens.

  3. What beautiful photos. Almost makes me forget how tired I am of the snow here in Utah. I do love it when the trees are coated like this.

  4. Wow, it's so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your amazing pictures.

  5. Anonymous3:07 AM

    Isn't that lovely? I can't believe where the snow has fallen this year. We just missed it this time and guess we won't have any, but it came close.

  6. Unfortunately, I'm jaded! I'm sick of snow being in MD. We've had too much! Enjoy your snow.

  7. I can't believe how much snow we got. There was like four inches on top of my car yesteday morning. I drove to work at 7 o' clock in the morning and my mother was so mad because the CEO of our company told everyone that could to come to work. As it turns out the PTA and myself were the only ones to come to the PT deparment. My boss is in New Orleans at Mardi Gras. When he called me at 6 he made it sound like don't come to work so I called the other managers. lol I am a workholic. I really think we could have seen patients all day yesterday and just had a lot of cancellations. I worked until almost 2 before I gave up for the day. I was tired/frustated and everything else could wait until Monday. :)

    I could not believe how many businesses shut down. We needed a Valentine Card for my sister's boyfriend and went all of town trying to find it and the Hallmark store and Barnes and Noble were closed. We finally bought one at Walgreens. Walmart and CVS did not have one she liked. lol

    Today I plan on reading lots of books. And I have two book tours I need to catch up on and write reviews. Sound familar. :)

    Have a good day.

  8. Gorgeous photos! I think you actually got more snow than we did.

  9. Melanie!

    So happy to "see" you! :) Thanks! Wasn't it wonderful? I thought the weather forecasters were hilarious; they didn't want to commit to snow until they knew for sure it was on the doorstep.


    Fortunately, the poppets do have long, hooded robes. Simone (the blue poppet) had a mishap. Someone dropped her facedown in the slush. She seems to have rebounded just fine. :)


    Thank you! I'm sorry you're tired of snow. Our rare snows never last long enough to become tiresome or frustrating. They're just magical and beautiful. The coating on the trees really was amazing.


    It was so pretty. We're probably a little more than half-melted, now, so it's a good thing we got out quickly to capture the scenery!


    I'm sorry it missed you. We get a "good snow" (enough to cover things and stick for more than a night) every 7-8 years, on average, so it's a rare sight. And, this was our 3rd snow, this year! So exciting.

  10. Serena,

    I never get tired of snow (even when I lived in Michigan, I didn't get tired of it!), but I can understand how other people do. It's kind of a nuisance, after a while. We loved it. It's about half gone, already. Snow doesn't last long, down here!


    I know what you mean. The roads were perfectly clear. My husband was required to go to work but he said there was only one other person there -- a new secretary who had no vacation time to use. Since nobody was there, he couldn't get anything done so he came home after about an hour. Everyone was out making snowmen and taking pictures!

    We did go shopping at Dillard's. I buy my fuzzy socks during the 70%-off sale. It's fuzzy sock time!! :)

    Yes, the catching-up business sounds familiar. I've got the new Beth Moore book to tour on Monday or Tuesday, so I've got to finish that one, this weekend. Have fun reading!


    The official measurement was 6 1/2"! We got a lot!! It's already half melted, but we really eat up our rare snows. It was such fun.


    Thanks! We drove all around town to snap photos. It was beautiful!


    LOL Yep, pretty wild. Our first good snow in 8 years! Kiddo didn't even remember the last one. He was 10 years old the last time we got a really good snow.

  11. Brr! Gorgeous pix. Makes me want to sip hot cocoa! :)

  12. Rosemary,

    Thanks! I think Kiddo guzzled enough hot cocoa for both of you. ;)

  13. Wasn't it great fun? The whole world turned white and beautiful overnight. Beautiful pics, Nancy!

  14. Jenclair,

    It was wonderful. I stayed up late watching the snow start to accumulate and then we got up early and spent most of the day out enjoying the scenery. Love your pics, too! I had trouble commenting at your blog, last night, but I'll come back later.

  15. Beeeautiful!!! Dallas got a foot of snow which was just crazy. Need to get off my duff and post some pics, too.

  16. Andiloo,

    I read about your crazy snow!!! So cool. Please do post some pictures!! I've been so enjoying the photos people have posted of this rare Southern snow.

  17. Wow, all that snow! Beautiful pictures. I like the last one the best.

  18. Jeane,

    Thanks! The snow was so, so pretty. All gone, now! We had rain, tonight, but most everything had already melted. That little pond in the last photo is just about a quarter mile from our house on a busy little back road. Hubby put down the window and I shot past him. Usually, I couldn't get away with it. People drive Very Very Fast on that road and there's no place to pull over, but it is beautiful in all seasons.

  19. we keep getting snow here in MN not that much where I am at but by tomorrow night it'll be another 4 inches on top of what we already have. lol I took D man out tonight for a little bit while T man went sledding. I hope to go again tomorrow and this time will take pictures if I am able. :)


  20. Okay the poppets in the snow crack me up.

  21. Krista,

    I just saw that Minnesota is listed on a "Places with the Worst Weather" list, the other day -- not sure where I saw it, but I had to laugh because I know that snow eventually gets to you. Have fun with the kiddies!

  22. Amanda,

    You can imagine how much fun the poppets had -- except for Simone (the blue poppet), who was dropped face-down into the slush. She has fully recovered, though. :)

  23. Gorgeous pictures! You got a good dump of snow there. It's been beautiful here in Canada - no snow. Unfortunately if we got that much snow though, it wouldn't be gone till May with how cold it is here. I hope you're enjoying it!

  24. Dar,

    Thanks! I've heard this referred to as "an upside-down winter". It's great for us, even though the snow melted quickly. We live in a hot, humid climate. Summery weather can start as early as April and continue through November. I live for winter.

  25. So beautiful! It looks like Mississippi was meant to have snow. What a winter wonderland.

  26. Amanda,

    I know - it's just gorgeous and I think it's mostly because of all the trees. They do tend to fall when they get weighed down, though, so it's probably good that we don't have snow or ice very often. While I was taking pictures, I saw at least three limbs come crashing down. I made a point not to stand under the oak trees for long!


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