Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wahoo! Wednesday - Snow Wahoos

I have a pounding migraine, today, so I figured this is a good time to do some wahooing -- something that doesn't require much brain power. Life is better when you wahoo. And, since we have to savor our snow experience, I'm making this a snow wahoo day. Apologies to those who are completely fed up with snow.

1. Wahoo! for funky snowpeople. This fellow hung loose on our street:

2. Wahoo! for awesomely huge trees (about 100 feet tall by our estimate) that didn't lose any limbs while I was standing directly under them to snap this photo. The tree at left lost a limb just seconds after I stepped back under the porch. I've never heard a noise quite like the whiny creaking sound of splitting wood before the limb crashed to the ground. Well, maybe I have but I don't recall.

3. Wahoo! for Poppets, who are immensely patient about being posed in the midst of cold, wet stuff. This Poppet is named Violet:

4. Wahoo! for advance preparation that paid off. I thought I didn't own any warm, waterproof boots but on the morning of our big snow, I spotted some Timberland boots that I'd purchased at a 70%-off winter shoe sale (I live for the end-of-season 70% sales), several years ago. They were way up in the top of the closet, still in the box and they kept my feet nice and warm all day. I do hope they get more than one day of use in my lifetime.

Wahoo! for the tall guy who pulled them down from the top shelf, also. You can see the ground was a slushy mess (but not slippery -- that's a wahoo!). In fact, I dropped poor Simone, my blue Poppet, and she landed face-down in the slush. In that admirable manner of Poppets everywhere, she didn't complain. Poppets are very well-mannered.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Anonymous6:46 PM

    When I was driving to work this morning, I saw our neighbor had dressed up his plastic snowman in beach wear: sunglasses, a grass skirt, a beach hat. Now all we need is a Cabana Boy!

    I love the branches against the sky in yours...

  2. You got more snow than we did!

  3. Bellezza,

    LOL! Too cute. People are so creative with their snowpeople. I'll have to post a pic of Mr. Firefighter Snowman, sometime (yes, built by the local firefighters!). He's my absolute favorite.

    Thanks. Those trees are a nuisance. They shed leaves, branches and all sorts of muck the whole year round, but we really appreciate the shade during the summer.


    We got 6 1/2"!! So exciting. Most years I just mope around, wishing for snow all winter. I was out there all day enjoying it!

  4. Those are some great pictures. I can't wait to see fireman snowman. :) I definitely had enough of snow. lol

  5. Sorry about the migraine, Nancy :( I'm having one myself right now's a bummer. But wahoo for all that snow :D I so wish that we would've got some over here. Pretty much all of the rest of the state got a little bit...but not us. We're just a tad bit too far south for it. It looks so beautiful! Unreal really! Especially the picture of the tree. It's just gorgeous :D So glad you got to enjoy it!

  6. Krista,

    Mr. Firefighter Snowman is so cute. I'll try to post him some time during the next week or so. I don't think I can fathom your level of snow. Even in Ann Arbor, we didn't get all that much by comparison with the other side of the state.


    I'm still fighting the migraine. Looks like you were up late with yours. Pain woke me up early, today. Bummer is right. I hope we both feel better, soon.

    I wish you'd gotten some of that snow, too. I remember the disappointment when NO and Baton Rouge got a nice snow, last year. It's such a rare treat -- and, yes, it did look unreal! We had a nice, wet clingy snow. It had fallen off the trees by mid-afternoon but when we got up in the morning it was spectacular. A good coating of snow makes everything look beautiful.

  7. sounds like you have a lot to wahoo about!

  8. LOL! I love the funky snowperson! That one is even better than the golf snowman my weird neighbor made.

  9. Sorry about the headache. Love the Wahoos!

  10. Serena,

    I think so. I was particularly thrilled to find the boots because there's no way I would have lasted very long in that slush with regular old shoes! That was a bigger wahoo than it may sound!


    The snow people just in our neighborhood were so cute. I overexposed the photo of them, but someone made his and her snowmen up on a cross-street near us that were adorable. They had planter trays on their heads for hats -- one pink and one blue! And, downtown there was a Mardi Gras snowman (with beads and a shiny hat). Too fun. Did you take a pic of the golf snowman?


    Thanks. Migraines really suck. I know you appreciated that snow as much as we did! Loved the conversation between you and Carl about your kitty's snow turban!

  11. Great pictures. I love the tree limbs against the sky! I hope you get more snow before the season is over. Looks like we got some again during the night. I haven't been outside yet, so I'm not sure what the accumulation is, but I hope it's finished for the day.

    Have a great weekend, Nancy. I still have an email in my draft folder for ya!

  12. Hi Les,

    I have a love/hate relationship with those trees. They drop limbs and leaves constantly (and acorns; the squirrels are happy) so they're a nuisance but we certainly enjoy the shade. Our A/C doesn't have to work as hard as most.

    We've gotten snow 4 times, this year!!! I think we've about used up our snow luck, but we'll see. It's warming up to the 50's, now -- getting close to normal -- and the daffodils are blooming.

    Don't worry about the email. You can toss it out and start a new one when if feel like it -- whatever works.

  13. Wahoooo! Thanks for reading my book! I hope it rates somewhere in between the snowman and the poppet (the boots, btw, are to die for). On the kitty note: We had to inform Tootsie and D'Artagnan that there may be a beagle invasion tomorrow. They are not pleased.
    Thanks again,
    Suzan Colon
    author of "Cherries in Winter"

  14. Suzan,

    I love that you wahooed. :) And, you're very welcome. I particularly enjoyed your ancestral stories. I'm afraid my parents and grandparents died so young that I missed out on learning a lot of my family history. You're lucky to have a mom who loves sharing her stories.

    D'Artagnan is the best kitty name, ever. Why didn't I think of that? I need a boy kitty, now!!! Poor things. A beagle invasion. I think you're going to have two unhappy campers. LOL Best of luck with your book!

    BTW, thanks. Those boots are definitely awesome. Maybe I'll break them out on the next cold, rainy day -- if we have any. It's warming up pretty rapidly, now.

  15. I just noticed you're reading Cherries in Winter. I can't wait to hear your thoughts. This has been on my list ever since I first saw it at work. Isn't that a great cover?!

    I talked to a woman at the gym about Home is Where the Wine is and she said it was funny, but not nearly as entertaining as Perry's first book.

  16. Les,

    I just reviewed Cherries in Winter, today. Look up----^. The author also commented on this Wahoo post. :) I liked it but I didn't love it. You'll see when you read the review. The history was my favorite thing about it. The only recipes that appealed to me were the desserts (at least in part because I sort of detest meat and most are meat recipes). I want to try the quick apple cake recipe -- which my husband said does not sound "quick" but then he said, "Ahhhh," when I explained it was a recipe from the author's ancestor.

    As to Home is Where the Wine Is -- actually, I felt the opposite. Her first book was funny in a sad way, since she was such a wreck after her divorce. I guess maybe part of it is that I couldn't relate? Not that I can relate to being a single woman, but I thought her second book was just as funny and much more upbeat. I loved it and whipped through it in an evening. Couldn't put it down.

  17. Now why didn't I think to take my poppet out into the snow? Although I'm not sure mine would have loved it as much as violet appears to be loving your snow. :)

    And agreed--snow is definitely a "wahooey" event--but to be honest I'm ready for spring and warmer weather (I know, allergies...).

    Haven't been blogging much lately about books, but I did blog about Dallas's snow day on my "personal" blog:

    Hope all is well with you, Nancy.

  18. Trish,

    I almost forgot to take the poppets outside. Don't tell them, but sometimes I forget I even have them. Eeks. They do pose nicely, don't they?

    Blecch, patooey. Hate spring. You can have it. ;)

    I didn't even know you have a personal blog. Or, if I did, I forgot. I'll dash over to have a look, thanks! All is well, here. We just brought home a 6-month old kitten, this week, and she is a total sweetheart. So happy to have a kitty in the house, again!!


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