Thursday, December 06, 2012

Throw Me Off the Bridge Thursday

Kidding about the bridge.  But, wow.  One day you say you're going to skip your regular post because you're planning to dash out a million reviews and the next day it's . . . not the next day. Suddenly, three days have passed and you haven't written anything, you're about to finish another damn book and you've started referring to them as "damn books" because reviews are starting to feel like a burden.  I'm sure you've had days like that, right?  

So, I've been busy.  If you're a regular here, you probably surmised as much.  I think I'm almost done decorating for Christmas.  I hope.  We do have a tree, now.  It's an artificial, pre-lit thing.  I couldn't talk the spouse into a real tree.  It has about 7 ornaments hanging from its plastic branches.  The cats think the branches are chew toys.  "Don't eat the tree," is a sentence they recognize, now.  When stated with authority, it produces immediate and satisfactory results (aka, a look of shock along with a halting of action).

Here's what I've done, this week -- well, some of what I've done (not necessarily an exciting list):

  • Cleaned my kitchen (this is harder than you might expect; I'm married to a man who can make a meal look like an explosion -- but he cooks, so I'm okay with that) and placed a three-branch candelabra with metallic red candles, wrapped in a swag of little clear crystals, on the counter.
  • Cleared off my desk whilst watching live streaming of the London premiere of Les Miserables.  That was awesome and sucky at the same time because we were going to be in London, this week, but had to cancel the trip.  It was fun to watch the stars' teeth chatter while they signed autographs, though.
  • Decorated my desk with the thingy in the picture, above.  
  • Took the above photo of a Christmas desk decoration against the background of a yellow wall (yeeurgh -- not a good combination), added bubbles and turned the background green, et voilà.
  • Received two books in the mail:  Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin and Shipbreaker by Paolo Bacigalupi.
  • Watched a full episode of Castle for the first time, ever.  Seriously.  Reported viewing on Twitter.  Received enthusiastic replies.
  • Got a few more gifts knocked out of the way but have not yet located wrapping paper.  The situation is becoming critical.  I had to cover the gifts with a blanket when one of the recipients showed up.
  • Watched the movie Hugo whilst folding the Mt. Everest of laundry piles.  Okay, it was just a mole hill but it felt like a mountain.  Great story, Hugo: visual feast, awfully melodramatic. Liked the book better. 
  • Ate lunch with my best friend, who came to see the new house and hang out for a bit.  She approves.  
  • Shopped with best friend and bought her Christmas present, then handed it to her in a green plastic bag because she chose it and is about to zip off to Florida -- no point to wrapping.
  • Went out to eat with Kiddo's girlfriend, got stuck in a remote corner and had to wave a white napkin to get the attention of a server.  
  • Accidentally spent the night on my new couch.  
  • Ate a piece of strawberry cake; subsequently developed an obsession with finding the perfect strawberry cake recipe.  If you have the perfect strawberry cake recipe in your possession, please share.
  • Rotated the cat repeatedly.  Fi likes to chase the laser in circles. I have not yet figured out how to photograph a rotating cat whilst manipulating the laser, but trust me, it's hilarious.  

Honestly, I'm getting exhausted just thinking about my week.  We'll stop there because I have a book to finish. How is your week going?

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  1. I started dragging our pre-lit tree in this morning and it won't light so now I need to go look for a new one.

    1. Oh, no! That's tragic. Hope you can find a good sale. We got ours at a hobby store, a "manager's special". We're both a little worried about whether it will continue to light up in future years, but our small one from a couple years ago still works.


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