Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Malarkey - Your weekly dosage of malarkey

I'm just going to dive right into the weekly post, today, as last week was pretty much "more of the same" -- a little reading, a lot of time spent working on organizing our home library, quite a bit of reviewing but mostly in "mini" form. 

Recent arrivals:

  • The Fever by Megan Abbott - sent by a friend
  • Dinosaur Farm by Frann Preston-Gannon - from Sterling Kids for review (there will be a giveaway of this one in September)
  • The January Dancer by Michael Flynn [not pictured] - via Paperback Swap. I think I put this on my wish list for Kiddo, possibly on the recommendation of a sci-fi-loving friend. It looks like his sort of book (and I'm interested, as well).

Last week's posts:

Last week's reads:

  • Dinosaur Farm by Frann Preston-Gannon
  • The Story Hour by Thrity Umrigar
  • Paramédico by Benjamin Gilmour

Set aside:

  • Dockers' Stories from the Second World War by Henry T. Bradford - I'll give this a second go, eventually, although I was not impressed with what little I read and the print is painfully small.

Currently reading:

Spillover by David Quammen - It's been a few days since I picked up Spillover, but I'll return to it tonight.  Paramédico was such an interesting book, particularly from a cultural perspective, that I was blasting right through it and actually decided to stop to finish The Story Hour then return to Paramédico the next day, just to drag out the fun.

Reading plans:

I thought I was completely finished with book tours but then I got a message from TLC Tours saying I have an upcoming tour date for Season of the Dragonflies by Sarah Creech, so I'll be reading that and my F2F book group's August selection, The Black Flower by Howard Bahr, this week.


This is a repeat since we've seen The Day of the Doctor twice, already, but we were in the mood for something reliable and Dr. Who is a bit of a comfort show. We streamed it, even though we own a copy. Next time I'll pop in the DVD. I could have used subtitles. Sometimes Matt Smith and David Tennant rattle off their lines a bit too fast for me.
The Escape Artist is a 3-part series that we began watching just because it stars David Tennant. Tennant plays a junior barrister, Will Burton, who has never lost a case. He is chosen to defend a man who is clearly guilty and confesses that he doesn't even like people. "I'm not a nice person," he tells Burton. 

The rest is spoiler territory but I will tell you that the first episode is so suspenseful that neither of us could bear to finish it on the night we streamed it. I was certain it was going to end badly. The next day, I decided to go ahead and finish the first episode. Huz refused to watch it with me and went to another room. Sure enough, it ended with a second horrific murder -- even worse than anticipated. We won't be watching the other two episodes.  The Escape Artist is as much horror as suspense; now that I know how gruesome it can get, I'm not interested in continuing.

That's about all the malarkey I've got, at the moment. I meant to make an announcement, last week, but didn't get around to typing it up. It's nothing major so I'll get to it when I get to it.

Happy New Week!

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