Friday, December 16, 2016

Your Alien Returns by Tammi Sauer and Goro Fujita with a Fiona Friday pic

I reviewed Your Alien by Tammi Sauer and Goro Fujita in October of 2015 and I absolutely loved it. Who could resist that adorable alien?

In Your Alien, a little green alien comes to earth and has a good time with the little boy pictured on the cover, above, but then the alien begins to miss his family and the boy helps him send a signal to the alien's parents so he can return home. In Your Alien Returns, the alien arrives on Earth to invite his Earthling pal for a play date on his home planet.

The nameless little boy (referred to as "you") asks his parents for permission and goes on the ride of his life to another planet, where he is greeted by the alien's family, offered some snacks -- declining those that stare back -- and the two share toys. They build a fort, go for a ride around the neighborhood, and meet the alien's friends:

Seeing all of them will make you feel a little alienated.

That line made me smile (and this is how I'm sneaking in my Fiona Friday photo). The little boy is completely surrounded by aliens in a variety of colors but all in similar shapes to the boy's alien friend. A few things go wrong but nothing major. Blowing bubbles will make things better. Some of the aliens float around in the bubbles. Then, it's time to go home.

You and your alien will know this won't be good-bye but see you later. 

The book ends with the little boy telling his parents all about his day, and then a final goodbye gift from his alien friend.

Highly recommended - I'm a big fan of aliens and monsters in children's books, especially when the illustrations are well done. You can see from the photo of Fiona checking out Your Alien Returns that the illustrations are colorful, funky, and expressive. Again, the only thing I disliked was the chosen writing style with "you" as the subject. To be honest, that's not important to me, though, so much as the storyline and the illustrations. I absolutely loved this follow-up to one of last year's favorite children's books and can't wait to see what Tammi Sauer comes up with, next!

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  1. Weird writing style but the pictures look cute!

    1. Yes, the writing style is weird and not one I'll ever like in any book, but the story and the illustrations are so cute that the style is easily overlooked.


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