Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I Am the Boss of this Chair by Carolyn Crimi and Marisa Morea

In I Am the Boss of this Chair, Oswald is an only cat and the king of his household, the "boss" of the chair, sole owner of his mouse, Bruce, guardian of the back door, and the one who decides when it's feeding time. He also is in charge of the toilet paper roll (playing with it, that is). So, when a new kitten named Pom-Pom arrives, his world is turned upside down.

Suddenly, he has to deal with someone playing with his toilet paper, walking through the pet door, demanding meals at the wrong time and even sitting in his chair! Oswald tries everything to wake up Pom-Pom when he takes over Oswald's chair, without success. But, it's when Pom-Pom starts playing with Bruce that Oswald's unhappiness boils over.

I chase Pom-Pom over the sofa,
under the coffee table, 
and up the curtain. 

Both kitties get in trouble for making a mess. But, it's time for Oswald's favorite program. He climbs onto his chair and stretches, then he starts thinking.

Is it possible that we can share the chair?
Dare I ask, is it also possible that it's even more fun
when we share the chair? And more snuggly?

The two watch Chef Andre sauté salmon on TV and they head-butt each other. Now that they've learned to share, they play together, eat together, go in and out the back door and share Bruce the mouse. Oswald keeps his favorite pillow to himself, but they're friends.

Highly recommended, especially to cat lovers - A cute and surprisingly accurate account of what it's like to bring a new kitten into a one-cat household (although, I should add, throwing a new kitty in with the old immediately is a no-no -- gradual introduction is key). In fact, as I was reading about Oswald and Pom-Pom, I was reminded of how Fiona, who had been "Only Cat" for 6 months, gave up playing with her jingle balls and began playing with quieter toys when she realized tiny Isabel was just going to jump in and steal any noisy toy she played with. But, at the same time, she gradually learned that snuggling and playing together was fun, although she's always kept some special toys or favorite sleeping spots to herself. Cat lovers will especially enjoy reading this one to their little ones.

Giveaway coming: I was going to do a giveaway of I Am the Boss of this Chair, this week, but I have just been reminded that the coming weekend is Easter weekend. So, I'm going to wait and hold the drawing later. It will be a quick drawing, so watch this space, next week, and, if you do Twitter, also watch my timeline. My @ name is Bookfoolery at Twitter. The drawing will be open only to those in the US and Canada. I'll get back to you on the date. .

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  1. This one looks adorable, of course. I’m horrible. I just dropped Belly into Buns’s life with no warning or easing. They actually got a long better before we got Belly fixed. Now their biggest issue with each other is jealousy.

    1. We took our time introducting Fiona to Isabel but Fiona spent quite a bit of time in foster care and was good with other cats, so once they got to know each other, they got along well pretty quickly. Isabel ducked her head in Fiona's presence; she knew she was the baby and had to show respect. It was fascinating. Now, they play and sleep together sometimes. Other times, they'll box each other and hiss, but they're mostly good buddies. :)

      The book is fun. Love the colors and there's not much you can do to turn me off a cat book, admittedly!


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