Monday, April 23, 2018

Monday Malarkey

Recent arrivals:

  • Regrets Only by Erin Duffy - from HarperCollins for review
  • The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik by David Arnold - from Penguin for book tour

I love the pop-art psychedelic look of that Noah Hypnotik cover, don't you? So eye-catching.

Books finished since last Malarkey:

  • Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders
  • Isosceles' Day by Kevin Meehan
  • Tin Man by Sarah Winman
  • Warren the 13th and the Whispering Woods by Tania del Rio and Will Staehle

Currently reading:

  • Don Quixote by Cervantes
  • The Explorers: The Reckless Rescue by Adrienne Kress

I committed to doing a review of The Explorers: The Reckless Rescue tomorrow and I've barely begun to read it, so wish me luck and quick reading. As to Don Quixote . . . I'm not even going to set goals, for now, I'm doing so badly. I'm considering taking a week off of everything else (reading other books, blogging) to finish it up, soon. We shall see. I'm ready to be done with it.

Last week's posts:

In other news:

I just accidentally discovered the show Psych. I know I'm behind the times but I was trying to look up one thing and happened across Psych, instead, so I played the first episode of Season 1 and I'm totally hooked. For a few years, my niece used to make excited posts every time Psych came on or was about to come on and I just ignored them. I had no idea what the show was about and we tend to have pretty different taste in TV. I might pay a bit more pay attention to her posts, in the future. Wow, what a fun series! I'm also enjoying the third Doctor in Dr. Who. We actually met Jon Pertwee many, many years ago when he came to the Big City to speak (and brought the car, Bessie).

Fiona loves TV time because it's her lap time, so I'm sure she'll appreciate the fact that I've found something new to watch.

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  1. The cover of Regrets Only draws my eye. I never watched Psyche but it had a huge following and I hear it’s hilarious.

    1. Funny, I found the Regrets Only cover a little dull, but I'm looking forward to reading it. :)

      It must have had a huge following! Looks like Psych was on for a long time. It's very funny.


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