Friday, January 18, 2019

Tomorrow is Waiting by Kiley Frank and Aaron Meshon and a Fiona Friday pic

Tonight as you sleep, a new day stirs. 
Each kiss goodnight is a wish for tomorrow. 
That you'll have wings enough to fly as high as you want. 

I'm going to say something unusual and I don't say this lightly: I can already tell Tomorrow is Waiting by Kiley Frank, illustrated by Aaron Meshon, is going to be a favorite children's book in 2019. I love Tomorrow is Waiting so much it brings tears to my eyes (and it's not a sad book).

With absolutely gorgeous, eye-catching, bold illustrations, Tomorrow is Waiting talks about the many things a child has to look forward to and talks of the wishes a parent has for a child. Each spread shows a child exploring the world in some way -- snorkeling, walking through woods, leaping across river rocks, climbing over a wall, jumping into water. The book talks about courage, imagination, kindness, and hope, wishing these and other positive characteristics on the child.

Highly recommended - Colorful, uplifting, hopeful wishes. I can't think of a better way to put a child to bed at night than with such glorious hopes for the future. Here's an interior shot of one of the spreads so you can get a load of that eye-popping color:

I received a copy of Tomorrow is Waiting from Penguin Random House in return for an unbiased review. Many thanks!

And, now I must squeeze in a Fiona Friday pic because I was away from the computer, yesterday. Look what happens when you fold up a blanket and put it on your coffee table! It attracts cats! Granted, this is a super soft blanket. I might like to curl up on the coffee table, myself.

Also of note: A cat opened that cabinet door behind Isabel. Little rapscallions have been into everything, lately.

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  1. Clawdia figured out how to open a folding closet door by putting her paw under it (at exactly the right spot) and pulling. Then she investigates to measure whether or not she can go through that opening. Nope, not every time, but she manages to get it wide enough occasionally ... and leaves it for me to discover how smart she is. A time or two, I've actually seen her doing it. I think she's showing off for me: "See what I can do!"

    1. Ha! Cats are a hoot. Mine opened cabinets in the old house all the time but when we moved they had a little difficulty because the cabinet doors are better made, much heavier. Obviously, they eventually developed a little arm strength. They open the cabinet doors and climb around inside when they're bored.


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