Thursday, June 15, 2006

Best quote, thus far

From Urban Shaman by C.E. Murphy (Andi, you'll love this): "Once upon a time, a nice young half-Cherokee half-Irish girl went to college and got the ultimate would-you-like-fries-with-that degree: English. "

Son #2 didn't get it.

Obviously, I snatched the book back from the teenager. The attack cat glared at me and then yawned and put her head back down.

Update: Son came marching into the room *while I was reading*, last night (okay, I set the book down for a minute . . . but *just* for a minute) and said, "Where's Urban Shaman?"

I pointed to the bedside TBR pile and said, "But, I'm reading it." Nonplussed, he walked to my pile and plucked up the book. "I mean, I'm reading it right now. She just pressed her hand to the confessional window and the priest said, 'Go with God'. It's getting so good."

"Too bad," quoth the teenager. I tell you I get no respect. He's nearly finished, but I was forced to pick up Consider the Lily for my evening reading time and then started Tales From the Edge: True Adventures in Alaska (because last month I didn't scare myself enough reading about bears and inducing nightmares in which one such giant climbed upon my stomach when its cub decided to roll around behind me --so not my fault-- and I was about to be clawed open. . . this is why my bookclub friends call me "major wimp").

And, it's not like we don't have thousands of other books he could read.

Sighing Bookfool


  1. LOL, I love it! As I've found, if you don't wanna serve fries you have to spend a boat load of money and shoot for the PhD. Urrg!

  2. Are you doing doctoral work, Andi? (Watch out! Completely unsolicited advice forthcoming!!)
    Don't get married til you finish!!

    I originally wanted to get a doctorate and do research and consulting, although in a different field. Instead, I ended up following a husband and my education ceased because the closest university is private (too expensive) and the state universities are about three hours away. Sigh. Burger-flipping prevention is probably worth the effort. :)


  3. I'm doing my Masters now, but I'll be applying for the PhD straight away (I get tummy gurgles just thinking of it). Definitely holding off on marriage (and serious relationships in general) until I get these degrees well underway or all the way done.


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