Saturday, June 10, 2006

Blog, Blob or Glob

During a quiet moment, last evening, the spouse said, "Why don't you go work on your blob?"

Of course, I collapsed into a fit of hysterics and said I'm going to start a weblog for dyslexics (the hubby would fall into that category) and call it "Glob: a blog for dyslexics". Or, maybe "Golb" or his original snafu word, "Blob". It's okay, he's dyslexic and found me amusing.

Warning for mommies: You can turn your kid dyslexic by plunking him or her into a walker and never getting around to chasing baby through the crawling phase. I read up on dyslexia after marrying my feller and found that crawling is a phase that helps coordinate the eyes with the brain. Both my children were plunked on the floor with toys out of reach and they turned out fine - a little quirky, but fine as far as reading ability. The husband never crawled and, thus, fit this theory well.

However, don't think dyslexia makes anyone stupid. Mine has a PhD in geotechnical engineering. I'm the one who sits around reading and being a bum. Ability to read isn't everything. Try telling that to an English teacher and see if he or she invites you to dinner.

Bookfool married to Dyslexic Dirt Doctor


  1. OK, this whole post cracked me up. I used to date a guy who is dyslexic and he was freakin' brilliant, so I understand. He wasn't a dirt doctor...I find that fact fascinating. Not a job I'd want, but fun to hear about nonetheless.

    I'm also an English teacher, and I wouldn't invite anyone to dinner for saying reading isn't everything. lol

    Love your profile pic! Too cute.

  2. Hey, Andi!

    Believe it or not, I thought about you when I made that crack about English teachers. LOL

    Yep, married to a dirt doc, although he's administrative these days. One of the other geotechnical engineers (also with a doctorate), who works with hubby, used to have a vanity plate that said, "Dr. Dirt." People assumed it meant something completely different - like he was into porn - so he had to get rid of the plate. I always thought that was a hoot.

    Thanks, glad you like my pic. It looks just like me, except it needs a few blonde curls sticking out from under the hat, of course. ;-)

    Nancytoes (aka Bookfool)

  3. LOL@the Dr. Dirt plate. And more LOL'ing at the people who thought it was porn-related. Wow!


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