Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Moving in

Hello, everybody! It is I, loveable furry old Gro-. . .

Oops, no, it's just me - good old Bookfoolerytoes. I have moved because the other site was so dang slow it actually took 15 minutes to load up one of my posts. So far, the pages on this one are popping up quickly (fingers crossed, knocking wood, pulling hair, chewing fingernails, etc.).

Latest book notes:
I'm almost done with London Transports by Maeve Binchy and nipping away at Brief Encounters with Che Guevera (watch this Ben Fountain guy - these stories are totally amazing), as well as Shopportunity and Consider the Lily. I always was a little on the unfocused side. Reviews to follow, as I knock those off.

On the family side, the eldest kid came home with girlfriend in tow. Near as I can tell, he came to plunder and drove off looking like a very happy and successful pirate. I told him what I thought via email. He became suddenly quiet. I hope I'm not turning into my mother. Gasp.

Younger son had a blast at this weekend's swim meet and actually came home from 3 1/2 hours of swim team practice this morning, took a 5-minute shower, ate some sliced fruit and a Slimfast bar (he calls them "Fillfast" bars), guzzled water and took off with the church youth group for a "high ropes course", whatever that is. He came home grinning; but, frankly, he's pretty much always got a grin on his face. One of the swim mommies described son #2 as "the tall boy who is always smiling". Teachers describe him as, "that kid who reads instead of doing his class work." Either way, I'm crazy about him.

Off to place my nose in a book. Happy Reading!

Ms. Bookfool, aka Toes, aka "Hey You!"


  1. Congrats on your new blog!


  2. Thanks for visiting, Melissa!!

    Bookfoolerytoes (you know who) :)

  3. Hey you!! I'm changing my link then. Blogspot is pretty cool and I find the key to blogging is being happy where you are! Have fun!

  4. Hey, Heather!

    Thanks for following me around. :) I'm happy, here . . . so far. LOL



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