Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Five things that are keeping me from my reading, this week:

1. Friends who drop by unannounced and then stay for 3 hours
2. Husbands who recall they've left their luggage at home after driving 40 miles
3. Talkative kiddos (one at home, one by phone)
4. Shouldn't have bought those magazines
5. Late-night interruptions (like, you know, sheriff's deputies appearing on the driveway at 3:15am), which make the pages blur the next day

May your path to reading be unobstructed.


  1. Five things keeping me from reading this week:

    1. Getting the 'zine ready.
    2. A party that will likely last way too late and involve too much vodka tomorrow night.
    3. Slothfulnes.
    4. The pool.
    5. Prancing round in my new green heels.

  2. Well, the prancing is just necessary. You don't get new green heels every day. :)

  3. Love this, can I play?

    Five things keeping me from reading this week:

    1. School's out and the kids are home.

    2. Celebrating not one, but three birthdays and all three birthday girls live in the same house - mine!

    3. Getting ready for a long vacation far away from home.

    4. That dreaded soccer world cup - I'm hooked, HELP!

    5. Badminton - recently rediscovered and I can't stop playing.

  4. Of course you can play! LOL

    The badminton's probably great for you. Kids out of school . . . that's a killer. I only have one home, thank goodness. The other one lives a 3-hour drive away and I'm just as happy as I can be to cut the old umbilical. Now, if we can just get him through the last 3 semesters I can say the words I've been looking forward to: "Congratulations, kiddo. You're on your own."

  5. Hmmm... let me see...

    1. The kiddo.
    2. Working.
    3. The kiddo.
    4. Cleaning up the house.
    5. The kiddo.

    Did I mention the kiddo? Most days she doesn't like me to read, she'd rather me chase her everywhere. Which is good I guess, maybe I'll loose a couple pounds ;)

  6. Very time-consuming and self-focused things, those kiddos. I worked hard at turning mine into avid readers and it helps, but . . . well, they do like to talk. :)

  7. Oooh, can I play? I love lists.

    1. Houseguests here for a week leaves very little time for reading.

    2. Teething (read: crabby) 19-month-old niece, whom I babysit 5 days a week, taking shorter naps.

    3. Yardwork, yardwork, yardwork.

    4. DH and I have been contemplating future retirement (ok, a bit early) and have been seriously discussing buying a motor cruiser/yacht and living aboard either in the Seattle/Port Townsend area or taking advantage of my dual citizenship and taking the leap to move to Canada (Vancouver Island). Thus, I've spent too much time online looking at boats, lurking in Yahoo boating groups, number crunching our assets, etc.

    5. Entertaining friends on the 4th and spending time prepping and cooking for that event.

    BTW, I have a soon-to-graduate-from-college daughter and am very anxious to say, "The Bank of Mom & Dad" is officially closed! ;)

  8. Wow, you've been a busy girl, Lesley!!

    I know just what you mean about the "Bank of Mom and Dad". My eldest son is about to turn 22 and he's still got three semesters to go. Sigh. He works and got both scholarship and grant money, but the working money is, in his opinion, playdough. We're supposed to fill in the gaps. I keep telling him, "Your dad supported us both by the time he was 20."

    "Yeah, so?" Sheesh. Kids.


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