Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Not a UFO

Still reading Remember Me by Lisa Tekeuchi Cullen (because I really do have to let my husband read it, at some point; it is *his* advanced reader) and I thought I was having a terrible time visualizing the "Eternal Reefs" burial method described in one chapter. They're created using a mixture of cremated remains and concrete. Okay, that's a fascinating (and environmentally upright) use for ashes. I looked them up and ---what ho!--- I actually have a decent imagination; they're just about what I expected. This is my favorite photo from, the website for the maker of these totally hoopty artificial reefs. They're dropped into the ocean after an on-shore ceremony, sink to the bottom of the ocean to serve as artificial reefs, and the undersea wildlife takes up residence in no time. Smashing fine way to repair reefs. Not that I want that to happen to me, but, you know . . . if it's between that and being turned into a diamond, I have no idea. I really wanted to be buried in My Beloved Mazda, but the husband gave it away, so whatever.

Also reading: Consider the Lily by Elizabeth Buchan, which is *improving daily* and Urban Shaman by C.E. Murphy

Bookfool being harrassed by teenager who wants me to get offline; yeah, yeah, I'm hurrying


  1. haha! Love the comment about the mazda. This is an interesting concept - I think I'll look at the website.

  2. Ha! Those darn teenagers. :)

  3. Hey Kris!

    Yeah, you know me and My Beloved Mazda. I recall mentioning it when we talked about cars. Let me know if you get a blog, here!!

    Nancy, aka Bookfool


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