Thursday, October 12, 2006

18 Days Till NaNoWriMo!

Is anyone else going to disappear into Nanoland for a month?

Sorry, I should define NaNo, etc. For the uninitiated, NaNoWriMo is (besides being the worst acronym I've ever seen) short for "National Novel Writing Month", "national" being a bit of a misnomer. My best bud from last year's nano was in Germany.

I'm pretty sure that 2005's challenge nearly killed me; and, my novel was . . . shall we say of inferior quality? But, I enjoyed the challenge and I "won" (meaning I finished a 50,000+ word novel). My 2005 novel was entitled THE BUS TO LAST SATURDAY. And, it had nothing to do with a bus or time travel, but whatever. Since it will probably never see the light of day, again, much less find itself published, I think we can safely say that is neither here nor there. I was just looking at press clippings about Nano and my favorite article title is, "Bloody awful prose but you can't deny the work ethic"--The Australian News. All right. Unfortunately, the article itself is not archived. Darn.

Here are the stats from years past:

1999: 21 participants and six winners
2000: 140 participants and 29 winners
2001: 5,000 particpants and more than 700 winners
2002: 13,500 participants and around 2,100 winners
2003: 25,500 participants and about 3,500 winners
2004: 42,000 participants and just shy of 6,000 winners
2005: 59,000 participants and 9,769 winners.

Tell me if you're joining in on the 2006 Nano, please!


  1. This is my third year for NaNo. Isn't it great fun?

    (Speedbump on the NaNo board)

  2. Tropical Screamer,

    Fun is one word to describe Nano. I'd also use motivational, inspiring, exhausting, and a few other adjectives. Really, I had a blast. I think the camaraderie is one of the best aspects of the experience. :)

  3. LOL! What, Les, not your thing to sit on your fanny for a month, guzzling caffeinated beverages and trying to remember the meaning of the term "blood circulation"?

  4. I have enough of that with all the blog-surfing (and writing) I do every day.

    BTW, nice weather button. ;)

  5. Know the feeling, Les.

    Thanks. Of course, you realize I stole the button concept from your gardening blog. I love it!! Thanks for the idea!

  6. This is definitely NOT for me, but I hope you have a successful month and write a winning novel. It sure is growing by leaps and bounds, isn't it. Keep us posted on your progress. And again - Best Wishes!

  7. Thanks, Booklogged.

    I recall thinking I wouldn't have time to check email, last year, but instead I managed to keep people updated so I'll probably keep blogging and reading - just not as often. I've also found that when I'm writing intensely, it really helps to go for long walks or runs. I just have to figure out when the good-looking men are running if I really want to get recharged. Nothing like a brisk walk with a great view to perk you up, I always say.

  8. LOL...oh my goodness, Bookfool. What are we going to do with you!?!

  9. Oh, Joy, whatever you do please, please don't throw me in the briar patch with a bunch of muscular, handsome, shirtless men!!


  10. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Bookfool, this sounds like such a wonderful event and you sure sound like you are looking forward to it! Do keep us posted with how the challenge goes.

  11. Lotus,

    I'm looking forward to NaNo so much that I can hardly restrain myself. I want to start writing NOW! But, I'll wait. The only problem I had with the event, last year (besides being a bit frazzled at the end), was that I couldn't stand the thought of writing for months, after it was over. I'd rather it motivated me to keep going than to stop. But, it's really great fun - especially when you win and the little purple bar appears below your name. I highly recommend it. :)

  12. NaNo is one of the most amazing things I've ever done.

    This is my third try and I'm 1-1.

    I find that it inspires me, helps me remember how to budget my time, and, most importantly gets me to write every single day.

    I'll take all of it, including the madness.



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