Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wahoo! Wednesday

I have 15 minutes to come up with my Wahoo! moments because the husband walked in and announced that we're all going to stop what we're doing and work on Will's geography project at 7:00. I told him as politely as possible that I thought perhaps he ought to rephrase that statement. He winced and left the room. But, yeah, I'll be glad to help out on the project. I'm needed, if only to keep the hubster out of the helm seat. He likes taking over, but my son is perfectly capable of doing his own work with just a little guidance.

So, here you go. My 5 reasons to say Wahoo!, today:

1. Signs of Autumn - Yes, it was 90 degrees out, today, but there are finally some indications that autumn is about to kick around the Deep South. Red leaves!! Piles of pumpkins!! A formation of migrating geese!! And, if I recall correctly it's supposed to cool off, tonight. The air conditioner is running, we're all walking around barefoot, and I wore flip-flops to pick my son up from school; but . . . red leaves!! Piles of pumpkins!! Migrating geese!!

2. Zingerman's Delicatessen in Ann Arbor, Michigan - Their #75 sandwich (aka, "Leo's Friendly Lion") and that totally sinful cocoa cake, in particular. Hubby was in the Detroit area on Monday and Tuesday, with a late flight home, so he zipped over to Ann Arbor to do some grocery shopping. He brought me a sandwich!! As if that isn't surprising and wonderful enough, my husband said, "I think I got the one you ordered last time we were at Zingerman's." Last time was in May of 2005. There's no way I would remember what my husband ordered, 17 months after the fact, but he was correct. Oooh, the melty cheese, the little slippery peppers, the guacamole oozing out. Pure heaven.

3. It's 7:20 and I squealed out of helping with the project, at least for now. Okay, yes, I did print out the photo of Russians wrapping their wheat harvest and sketched out the lower halves of their bodies to be cut and turned into figurines for Will's little diorama. But, I'm getting to play while the guys do the gluey, messy work. That's worth a giggle or two.

4. Nifty decorations - I've always wondered why Vicksburg seems a little Scroogey on the Christmas decorations and I think I've finally figured it out: they like Halloween better! There are elaborate scarecrows and such all over town. I'll try to get some better photos before it's all over. For now, a view of a friend's front door.

5. Clouds - We had a whopper rainstorm on Monday, as I mentioned, and then yesterday it got sticky, hot, and sunny . . . again. And, the change of weather gave me a whopper migraine. Today, no headache and enough clouds to keep the sun from being annoying. I've learned to love cloudy days.

Much later . . . It's 9:20, now, and I did have to sacrifice my computer for the cause--printing out photos of such exciting things as a McDonald's in Russia, for example. Really, it's pretty cool the way they placed this modern McDonald's next to a medieval gate. Everyone should have a medieval gate next to their McDonald's, don't you think? Or, maybe we should just start building nice stone gates and churches for the sake of creating beautiful things. I've always loved the look of old walls, buildings and bridges in Europe.

Reading News: None. Still working on Touched by Angels. I have no problem reading a Christmas book in October, obviously (or any other time, to be honest). Still periodically glancing at The Once and Future King and thinking . . . sigh . . . "I'm going to flunk my challenge." There's still time, though. We shall see.

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  1. It always amazes me that people can decorate more for Halloween than for Christmas. I guess we put on our doors what's most important to us. I have three baby pumpkins, so I don't think I could impress your neighbors much.

  2. Bellezza,

    I've got ghosts on the door and that's it. Halloween isn't my holiday, but I love Christmas. My whole house jingles at Christmas because I put bells on all the doors. :)

  3. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Hi, bookfool!

    Geography used to be one of my favorite subjects in school, infact, I so wanted to study anthropology full time, but ended up doing immunogenetics instead. Big mistake! What grade is Will in?

    I'm guilty of not having any Halloween decorations up at the moment -just trying to finish with Diwali (the Indian festival of Lights).

  4. Bells on the doors are a great idea! So much better than boring, expected wreaths.

  5. My neighborhood goes crazy decorating at halloween too.

    And I can do Christmas movies or books ANY time of year... especially classics like White Christmas and Holiday Inn.

  6. I don't think my neighbors are impressed either. We have a half dozen pumpkins on the porch steps, along with two yellow mums. That's it. No Halloween decor for me. I prefer to decorate for autumn. Neither Rod or I care much for Halloween. I'd almost rather go to a movie and skip the whole candy thing. Such a Scrooge!

    Hey, we have an old set of sleigh bells that I used to hang on our front door, too. Need to get them repaired so I can start doing that again.

    We had a very chilly night and morning. 28 with frost when I left for work today! The sun is shining now so I'll go for my walk and see if I can get any nice pics for my other blog.

    Oh, one final comment! What a sweetie your husband is to bring you a sandwich from that deli. Oh, how I miss a good deli. Lincoln does not know how to make a real deli sandwich. We used to go to a wonderful Jewish deli in L.A. Almost makes me want to go back just for the food!

  7. Lotus,

    Immunogenetics? Sounds pretty cool to me! Do you dislike what you're doing?

    Will is in the 9th grade and he's taking honors geography, so he has some sort of project due almost every week. It's a one semester class and I think all of us will be happy when it's over, mostly because the teacher is a little too much of a "follow directions to the letter" person. A little creative leeway would be nice.

    I don't know anything about Diwali- I'll have to look that up!!


    I'm really untraditional when it comes to holidays. Instead of piling up mums and scarecrows on a bale of hay, outside, like most people do, I have a ceramic leaf candleholder with fabric fall leaves scattered around it to celebrate autumn indoors. So, it just figures I'd have a jingle-bell snowflake rather than a wreath on my door! LOL


    Everyone seems to go all-out for Halloween, here. I noticed that even the police and fire stations, downtown, had elaborate decorations out front. Makes you wonder if the woman who runs the downtown events went out and decorated or the firefighters and police officers were bored one day. LOL

    It's a Wonderful Life is one I can watch year-round, although I do usually save it for Christmas. I don't think I've ever seen White Christmas or Holiday Inn -- almost bought White Christmas last year, but I must have been at the point that I felt the spending had to stop.

  8. Les,

    I'm the same - autumn is great; I could do without Halloween. It has always irritated me that there are so many holidays that now seem to center around candy. My kids came home with candy for both holidays and rewards, all the time, and I always wondered, "Why not give them privileges, instead?" My 5th-grade math teacher, for example, let those who finished early play math games. That makes more sense to me than handing out candy for doing well.

    I think I got off the subject.

    Wow, 28 degrees!! I'll be watching for frost pics!

    David's a foodie, but I think it was incredibly sweet and amazing that he not only brought me a sandwich but also remembered which one I ate last time (and loved)!! Cool! Life without a real deli is not as fun, definitely.

  9. I'm not in to Halloween either, but love Christmas. Loved reading your 5 Wahoo!s. That sandwich from Ann Arbor sounds delicious. And what a thoughtful, thoughtful husband. Hope you made him say Wahoo! in return. Can't believe it's still 90 degrees. We're under two quilts at night and most of the leaves have blown off. Nothing makes me colder than naked trees.

  10. It's much cooler, today, Bellezza. The switches in weather are killing me, though - I keep getting monster migraines. I've spent most of this week in bed, trying to sleep the pain off.

    I think my husband knows how much I appreciated that sandwich - I ooohed and aahed over it quite a bit. It was so good. He also made a grilled cheddar and apple sandwich for me for lunch. He said, "That's Australian cheddar and Michigan apples on Zingerman's bread." I made many appreciative noises. ;)

  11. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Hi again, bookfool!

    I'm no longer in the immunogenetics field, I switched to travel once I majored. There wasn't much scope for an immunogenetics major in India at that time, ofocurse, things are so different now.

    My daughter's in grade 10 - she did geography last year and loved it, but this year she's taking more language courses.

    Goodness, all this talk about sandwiches is sure making me hungry. I'm a sandwich girl - can eat one at every meal and never get bored. I love the thought of a grilled cheddar and apple sandwich, mmmmm!

  12. Lotus,

    Sorry so slow; I'm having a "bad internet" day! Blogger's being a pain, but everything else is, also.

    Travel sounds great to me, too! I think Will enjoys geography but he has such a busy schedule that we have to nudge him to get those projects done and we often end up doing some part. I'm usually called upon to go digging for craft bits and pieces while the guys brainstorm, paint and glue.

    Grilled cheddar and apple was a surprisingly good combination, especially on a good, handmade bread. We've visited the Zingerman's bakery and taken their tour - it's really something. They take great pride in kneading a certain number of times - everyone and everything is covered with flour and the employees are all ridiculously happy. They love what they do.


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